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Intelligent Security Solutions For Gaming

The gaming industry faces significant challenges in security and fraud reduction: safeguarding guests and employees, protecting critical assets, and striving to gather intelligence to prevent major breaches and fraud. Stringent regulations must also be followed to maintain the integrity of operations and comply with governing bodies.

Casino surveillance departments use video surveillance to gather data and address threats in real-time. It is a critical tool that allows operators to investigate events quickly, while mitigating future risk.

Integrated Gaming Solutions

Pelco solutions provides complete situational awareness, operational effectiveness and improves emergency responsiveness through our gaming solutions. We allow operators to detect and respond quickly to undesirable behavior while capturing details even in this extreme lighting conditions - allowing for 24/7/365 recording and full coverage of high-traffic areas with forensic video retention to comply with regulations.

One Partner, All Solutions

As a trusted partner in the casino market, Pelco delivers robust video security solutions that allow casinos to take hold of the benefits of today’s most advanced technology offerings while ensuring legacy investments are maximized to meet budget requirements. Providing panoramic cameras integrated with VideoXpert and expert field services to provide end-to-end coverage for safety, security, operational integrity, and regulatory compliance.

Protect Revenue with Rapid Detection and Response

Pelco security systems augment the capabilities of floor personnel: video delivering an accurate picture of what occurs at any given time. Surveillance cameras capturing wide fields-of-view are highly valuable as no coverage is lost, and an enterprise-grade video management system allows security teams to easily detect undesirable activity, identify its location, and respond quickly.

Redundant Solutions and Regulatory Compliance

Regulations govern the use of security in gaming. Casinos have to have a stable and redundant system recording 24/7/365. In parallel, casinos must manage costs and assure surveillance operations preserve the safety – and entertainment – of guests. As your security partner, Pelco helps you achieve both regulatory compliance and operational integrity.

Solving Your Challenges

Prevent From Theft And Fraud

Casinos are facing losses with cheating on tables, slots, ATM theft etc, from both internal and external threats. Staff needs to quickly detect, identify and track the person of interest throughout the premises. Pelco solutions with our last 4K PTZ camera combined to our video management system provides accurate detection in difficult lighting conditions for a quick response to undesirable behavior.

Keep Gaming Floor Safe

Casinos strive for excellent customer service and safety ranging from preventing injuries to stopping violence and theft. Operators need to record 24/7 and cover all areas with forensic video retention to comply with regulations. Pelco's unified solution with low latency camera and video management system help operators to complete investigations quickly and provide necessary incident response information.

Custom Design To Blend In

Simple and discreet equipment to provide exceptional experience to guest with no alteration. Pelco offers special modification request to custom your cameras, accessories and match your decor.


The VideoXpert VMS solution tackles the Casino’s need for more functional monitoring and control of the video surveillance system. The software’s extensive capabilities allow the Casino to plan for growth and added functionality through on-board features, as well as third-party integrations.

With an intuitive browser-like interface that utilizes tab views for a single source experience, views can be called up via sequencing, alarm tabs, and via event viewer features such as the bookmark feature. This allows operators to quickly review incidents by capturing scenes from multiple angles and then synchronizing the video, utilizing VideoXpert’s powerful investigative engine that quickly locates and collates video.

Other important features for improving efficiency are tagging and mapping. It allows cameras to be tagged and appear on a map with multiple names, providing the means for very specific and dedicated search operations.

Featured Products

Spectra Enhanced 7 PTZ IP Camera

High-speed dome system with best-in-class color reproduction capturing critical details in fast moving scenes and challenging lighting conditions. Direct drive technologies and AI-powered analytics improve accuracy and minimize operator's response time.

Sarix Enhanced Fixed IP Cameras

Our Sarix Enhanced 3 cameras are designed to handle a broad range of lighting conditions and to quickly, accurately, and reliably extract actionable security analytics via our AI-powered Advanced Analytics Suite.

Optera Multi-Sensor Panoramic IP Cameras

Optera 180⁰, 270⁰, and 360⁰ cameras are the next best thing to being in the middle of the scene itself, offering a seamless panoramic viewing experience and intuitive immersive views that competitive offerings simply cannot match.

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