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Powerful manufacturing surveillance security

Secure your facility or plant with warehouse cameras and manufacturing remote video surveillance that foster safety, efficiency and smooth operations.

Stay one step ahead

With AI-powered analytics and reliable construction site video monitoring, you can proactively detect threats and initiate an informed response quickly.

  • Reliable 247 warehouse visibility

    Complete coverage 247 with security cameras for warehouses that have infrared and SureVision technology.

  • Prevent incidents

    Detect developing threats using built-in AI analytics in our warehouse camera systems.

  • Expedite investigations

    Easily share evidentiary footage captured by warehouse surveillance systems with law enforcement.

Create a safe working environment

Prevent worker accidents and improve incident investigations with manufacturing security systems that detect safety hazards.

  • Identify hazards and obstructions

    Prevent worker accidents and improve incident investigations with manufacturing security systems that detect safety hazards.

  • Ensure safety standards

    Monitor activity with distribution remote video surveillance to ensure proper equipment and machinery use.

  • Investigate accidents

    Analyze the footage captured by warehouse surveillance systems to understand what happened.

Streamline manufacturing processes

Utilize manufacturing video surveillance and plant security systems to identify inefficiencies in your manufacturing processes and increase productivity.

  • Real-time video security

    Monitor live video using your warehouse camera systems to find areas that require improvement.

  • Detect malfunctioning machinery

    Use warehouse security cameras to see anomalies, such as temperature changes, to ensure reliable operations.

  • Monitor activity remotely

    Track activity from anywhere with our manufacturing and distribution remote video surveillance system.

Pelco cameras for manufacturing sites

Choose from a wide variety of security cameras with smart analytics, and find cameras that best fit your manufacturing sites. Plus, an open platform allows for easy integrations with other systems.

Sarix Multi Enhanced

Gain a complete understanding of your manufacturing site with three or four configurable sensors that give 360-degree views.

Sarix Thermal Enhanced 4 Series

Prevent machinery malfunctions and hazardous situations by detecting abnormal temperature changes with these manufacturing cameras.

Sarix Professional 4 Series

Boost site and staff safety using indoor and outdoor warehouse cameras with rules-based analytics that alert operators to threats.

Pelco Elevate

Leverage both on-camera and cloud capabilities with Elevate’s Image Health reports delivered to your inbox daily.

ExSite Enhanced Compact 2 Series

Compact explosion-proof camera with up to 6 MP designed to monitor small areas, such as a manufacturing line or truck loading dock.

ExSite Enhanced Fixed 2 Series

Bullet warehouse camera with AISI 316L stainless steel housing compliant with food safety regulations for food processing plants.

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Leading warehouse security camera systems

Stay one step ahead of security incidents and optimize manufacturing productivity with smart industrial security systems and warehouse surveillance cameras.

Why choose Pelco

Basic alarm systems are no longer sufficient in securing your factory site. Pelco’s manufacturing plant security surveillance is your solution to not only securing your premises from intruders but also safeguarding workers from potential hazards.

  • Detailed imagery from Pelco’s manufacturing surveillance security cameras helps you see what’s happening.

  • Save time and money by integrating our industrial security systems with existing third-party solutions.

  • Use Pelco’s warehouse surveillance systems to reduce shrinkage, detect theft and monitor stock levels.

  • Ensure the safe arrival of shipments with our manufacturing remote video surveillance for warehouses.

  • Reduce insurance premiums by installing Pelco’s trusted and certified manufacturing plant security system.

Get your complete guide to video security

Learn how to improve visibility for your organization with our comprehensive guide to video security. Explore camera types, compliance, storage, scalability and more with our free guide.

Com­pli­ance and Certifications

Create a smarter and safer world with Pelco’s wide range of CCTV security cameras, video management systems and accessories working together as an integrated solution to meet global security standards.


Experience a trusted and cyber secure platform - TLS 1.2, RMF, FIPS 140-2.

NDAA Compliant

Our products allow you to meet NDAA requirements.

ONVIF Conformant

Pelco products are ONVIF Profile S, G, T and M conformant.

GSA Contract

Trade Agreement Act or Country of Origin US - Pelco GSA Contract GS-07F-9323S.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.