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Video security for an engineering marvel

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT) deployed the powerful Pelco video security solution to improve safety across their complex and provide an efficient journey for motorists.

Expansive video coverage

The Optera 180-degree and 270-degree cameras provide expansive coverage from their four image sensors with up to 12 MP resolution.

Enhanced imaging quality

Pelco SureVision technology and True Wide Dynamic Range allow its cameras to capture excellent detail in low-light conditions.

Efficient management

The VideoXpert VMS allows users to review real-time footage and retrieve recorded footage for investigative purposes.

Durable video security

The rugged Esprit Enhanced 1 Series camera provides high-speed positioning capabilities, weather protection and advanced imaging.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Case Study

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel enhanced safety by deploying the Pelco video security system. Now, the security team and local police department can effectively manage safety and incident reports.

Keep traffic flowing and drive efficiencies

Read how the CBBT implemented Pelco’s video security technologies to allow their security team and local law enforcement to manage safety and incident reports across the facility.

Challenge: Monitor events across an expansive complex

With thousands of motorists using the CBBT every day, the operations team must keep track of what is happening across the complex to ensure a safe and efficient journey for all. However, with so many things to look out for, including traffic, incidents and weather conditions, it can be challenging to stay at the forefront of security. As a result, CBBT understood that they needed a solution that could provide them with crystal-clear, real-time video of what was happening across the facility.

Solution: Reliable and rugged video security

The CBBT deployed Pelco’s video security system to enhance safety across their site and provide an efficient journey for users.

  • Enhanced situational awareness

    The Pelco security cameras’ panoramic views and zoom features help to improve the operations team’s situational awareness.

  • Quick verification of incident reports

    Using the real-time video footage captured by the Pelco cameras, the CBBT team can now instantly verify reports of incidents across their complex.

  • Analysis that drives efficiencies

    Using Pelco VideoXpert VMS, the operator can analyze footage to see what happened and then use the findings to drive changes that help prevent future incidents.

Result: A purpose-built video security system

Today, the CBBT team continues to provide a safe and efficient way to travel for thousands of motorists. With the powerful video security solutions from Pelco, the operations team can rely on its technology to provide the extensive coverage they need to perform their duties. Feedback from CBBT has been overwhelmingly positive, in particular around the significant improvement in the coverage area, imagery and ease of use.

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