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TRAINING STARTS HERE Introducing Pelco’s Learning Center (PLC)

As video surveillance systems become more powerful, they also become more complex. Whether you are a professional security installer, a system design specialist, or an end user of one of Pelco’s solutions, gaining critical knowledge about how to install, design, or operate a system can make all the difference. Pelco’s Learning Center makes installing, owning, or operating a Pelco solution a smooth and profitable process. The knowledge of Pelco’s dedicated, well-trained Professional Services team ensures successful and effective video system installation. What’s more, we offer a variety of options to make it both easy to order and deliver.

Additional Training Services

Field Training

We recognize it can be challenging to take people away from their duties to travel for training. Pelco Professional Services offers specialized field training in a custom, tailored package that is easy to order and support your investment in a video solution.

In-House Training

Pelco Professional Services has training facilities across the globe to make it easy for you or your staff to learn in a classroom. Courses are lab oriented which offers a high quality, hands-on experience using the latest Pelco equipment.

Virtual Training

Pelco continues to evolve to offer more ways to learn. Through our Professional Services offer, some of our training is available in a virtual environment. This combines the advantages of learning in a hands-on lab setting without the added time and cost of travel.

Support Community Portal

Log in to our support portal to register your product, view your support cases, manage support entitlements, browse for services and more. Read more about our Advanced Phone Support and our Support Guide & Terms of Service.

Pelco Learning Center And Training Services

Pelco Professional Services team provides a variety of Training Services - including our Pelco Learning Center (PLC), Field Training, In-House Training, or even Virtual Training. Pelco is committed to providing you a solution that works!

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