Beginning July 16th 2018, escalations from Basic Support to our North America Advanced Technical Support team for Endura and Digital Sentry cases will require a valid support entitlement. Please login to the support portal and register your product today for a complimentary two incident support entitlement.  Need help registering your product?

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Pelco Developers Network
Pelco Developers Network

Pelco Developers Network (PDN) is a self-help website for developers in which you will find all of the information required to develop interoperability with Pelco products.

Pelco Partners A & E
Architects & Engineers

One-stop shop for our A&E Partners, including product documentation, software and firmware, new alerts, training and more.


Support Announcements

Pelco by Schneider-Electric takes the all cybersecurity threats to its customers seriously.  With the recent ransomware cyberattacks impacting users around the world, Pelco recommends several actions to protect you and your equipment against this threat and similar cybersecurity threats. Learn more HERE


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Level 1 Support Hours | English, 24x5 Mon-Fri | Spanish, 2am-8pm EST | French, 8am-5pm CEST 

Level 2 Support Hours | North/South America, 6am-4pm PST |  All Others, 8am-5pm local time

*24x7 Available to all Platinum and Gold Partner Advantage customers. 


Tech Support Email
Tech Support Phone Number
Africa +27-875502334
Argentina +54 11 59839410
Asia Pacific +65 31633272
Australia +61 291259310
Bahrain +974 44063020
Benelux +31402310100
Brazil +55 11 4501-3434
Central Asia +48223072963
Central Europe
Chile +56 22 5952800
China +1-800-289-9100
Colombia +5715085836
DACH +4921138789352
East Mediterranean +974 44063020
Europe +48223072963
France +33-975181858
Hong Kong ---
India +91 22 62280000
Ireland +44-2030514036
Kuwait +974 44063020
Macau ---
Malaysia +60-392121716
Mexico +52 (55) 85266264
New Zealand +61 291259310
Nordics +4543959871
North America - USA 1-800-289-9100
Oman +971 4 7099160
Pakistan +971 4 7099160
Qatar +974 44063020
Saudi Arabia +966 11 4598500
Singapore +65 31633272
South Korea +82-2-64339545
Southeast Asia +65 6480 3700
Spain +34911234206
Turkey +971 4 7099100
UAE +971 4 7099160
UK +44-2030514036