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Why Become a Pelco Partner

Being a Partner Advantage Partner gives you access to the best in-class benefits that will drive your business and propel growth. We’ll support you in growing your business, expanding your expertise, will give you access to the highest levels of support, and increase your level of commitment to Pelco.

Start Earning Your Rewards Today

The Pelco Partner Advantage Program is designed to reward Partner loyalty, via four tier levels, and demonstrate our commitment to your success. The higher the tier, the higher the reward. We are proud to offer you dedicated sales support, financial incentives, training opportunities and reward initiatives that help you sell more and grow your business.

Pelco Advantage Perks

Pelco helps support and advance your business by rewarding rebates when you grow your Pelco annual sales and exceed your sales targets. We set year-over-year growth targets and put your business in focus to help you achieve your sales goals while paying up to 4% back in perks! Here’s how it works.


Silver, Gold and Platinum Partners


No sign-up is required

Rebate Incentive

Account credit up to 4%

Payout Frequency

Annual basis

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.