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Future-proof your Pelco camera

Expect more from your camera. Maximize your productivity and efficiency with Pelco’s built-in cloud technology. Take advantage of Elevate and connect your cameras today.

Streamline camera view assessments

Eliminate the process of manually verifying the image quality of your cameras with this intuitive report.
  • Secure cloud-based machine learning

    Our cloud-based technology works directly with your cameras, so there’s no need for additional hardware.
  • ONVIF-conformant events

    Works with ONVIF-conformant video management systems to inform operators of image health changes in their cameras.
  • Multi-location support

    Provides a single report detailing cameras installed at multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

Improve efficiency with centralized management

Organize multiple physical locations within a single interface and easily delegate site management.

  • Unlimited sites

    Scale your security system by connecting an unlimited amount of sites to a single account.
  • Hierarchical View

    Gain better control and organization over your sites and cameras with the ability to hierarchically organize them.

  • Effortless delegation

    Delegate site management to a trusted third party that can safely access all cameras and insights within a consolidated view.

Keep your cameras secure and protected

Save time and money by removing the need for manual camera firmware updates.
  • Firmware updates

    Easily create one or more automated update schedules for your cameras.

  • Improved cybersecurity

    Safeguard your site against cyber threats with security cameras running on the latest firmware and security patches.
  • Easy schedule changes

    Edit your automated schedules within seconds to adapt to your changing needs and requirements.

Elevate your cameras to win!

Unlock new built-in features for free during your camera’s warranty period and get the chance to win an iPad with our Elevate contest! Terms and conditions apply.

Connect your Elevate-enabled Pelco cameras

Create a free Elevate account, then connect your cameras through the portal.

Enter the Elevate contest with the link below

One distributor, one integrator and one end-user will win a prize in each category.

Connect more cameras for more chances

Distributors and integrators can submit multiple entries with different end-users.

Find Elevate-enabled Pelco cameras

Technical Documents & Firmwares

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.