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Image Health

Eliminate the process of manually verifying the image quality of your cameras with this intuitive report.

  • Secure Cloud-Based Machine Learning

    Our cloud-based technology works directly with your cameras, delivering a comprehensive solution while ensuring data security.

  • ONVIF Conformant Alarms

    Works with ONVIF conformant video management systems to inform operators of image health changes in their cameras

  • Multi-location Support

    Provides a single report detailing cameras installed at multiple locations, anywhere in the world.

Multi-site Management

Efficiently organize multiple physical locations within a single interface and add or remove cameras.

  • Unlimited Sites

    There is no limit to the number of sites that can be created and associated with a company.

  • Hierarchical View

    Gain better control and organization over your sites and cameras with the ability to organize them in a hierarchical view.

  • Feature Management

    Manage all Elevate features supported by your sites and cameras within a single interface.

Site Sharing

Easily delegate one or more Elevate sites and their associated cameras to a trusted third-party for site management.

  • Third-Party Management

    A shared site can be managed by a trusted third-party user from their own company account without ever accessing the end-customer account directly.

  • Effortless Delegation

    Securely delegate tasks such as camera claiming, firmware management, and image health monitoring to trusted third-party users.

  • Immediate Access

    Gain access to a suite of supported Elevate features and start receiving Image Health reports for your shared site.

Find Elevate Enabled Pelco cameras

Explore the available Elevate Enabled Pelco cameras that best fit your video security system.

Technical Documents & Firmwares

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.