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Trusted by 100,000+ organizations across the globe

Securing your city

Our security solutions improve collaboration and cooperation between city agencies, streamline emergency management, facilitate faster investigations and improve engineering plans for traffic flow.

  • Cover more ground

    Our industry-leading fixed IP cameras have unmatched high image quality that can capture forensic images in poor and varied lighting conditions.

  • Improve collaboration

    Quickly access and share valuable information with authorized agencies to drive a more proactive response to potential threats to keep residents safe.

  • Detect and act faster

    Utilize video analytics to easily identify criminal suspects, uncover potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with government regulations.

What video security can do for your city

Learn how to enhance your city camera system and address challenges such as safety concerns, crime and threats and collaboration between stakeholders to deliver a better quality of life for citizens.

Increase visibility and enhance security

Expand your city’s video security setup to meet the needs of an ever-changing and evolving city environment, while fostering future opportunities for growth.

  • Prevent crime

    Real-time alerts and remote video data analytics help you proactively detect threats, identify suspicious activity and guide emergency responses.

  • Cover more areas

    From fixed, PTZ and panoramic, our public surveillance cameras cover wide areas and feature Wide Dynamic Range for areas with poor lighting conditions.

  • Protect your investments

    Our cameras are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh weather and tampering to housing and lens without breaking or interrupting video feeds.

Elevated systems through integration

Centralize data from video security for public safety as well as third-party cameras, physical security systems, and other solutions to deliver situational awareness across the entire city.

  • Scale your security

    Integration with other security, IT and town video surveillance systems allows easy expansion as cities grow or security risks change.

  • Secure your streets

    Obtain actionable data on roads, highways and parking lots by linking license plate monitoring, recognition and detection to track cars and individuals.

  • Investigate faster

    VideoXpert includes a Quick Investigation Tab that gathers forensic-quality video to help resolve incidents such as vandalism, theft and other crimes.

Take action when it’s needed most

Our public video security cameras are designed to help augment city agencies, support response in man-made or natural disasters, and drive collaboration between private and public agencies.

  • Gain real-time insights

    Stay focused on critical responsibilities and effective responses with reports that can provide relevant information needed to identify and analyze trends.

  • Proactively detect threats

    Real-time alerts and remote video data analytics help you proactively detect threats, identify vulnerabilities and guide emergency responses.

  • Detect and respond faster

    City security cameras with Pelco Smart Analytics provide high accuracy for detecting people, vehicles and critical events for quicker response times.

Pelco products for safer cities

Discover our comprehensive enterprise security solutions designed to improve collaboration between city agencies, streamline emergency management and facilitate faster investigations.

Spectra Enhanced IR Look Up 7 Series

Protect outdoor sites and wide, poorly lit areas with the camera’s ability to see up to 200 meters in complete darkness.

Sarix Pro 4 Series

Achieve superior situational awareness of cities with sharp, high-quality video and built-in analytics.


Upgrade your entire security system with VideoXpert, a user-friendly VMS that will improve incident management.

Pelco Calipsa

Ensure that operators receive daily reports to easily keep track of the camera status with the addition of Pelco Calipsa Basic+.

Esprit Compact

This hardened, mission-critical PTZ camera can keep citizens and employees safe in even the most extreme environmental conditions.

Com­pli­ance and Certifications

Create a smarter and safer world with Pelco’s wide range of CCTV security cameras, video management systems and accessories working together as an integrated solution to meet global security standards.


Experience a trusted and cyber secure platform - TLS 1.2, RMF, FIPS 140-2.

NDAA Compliant

Our products allow you to meet NDAA requirements.

ONVIF Conformant

Pelco products are ONVIF Profile S, G, T and M conformant.

GSA Contract

Trade Agreement Act or Country of Origin US - Pelco GSA Contract GS-07F-9323S.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.