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Solving prison security challenges

Pelco’s prison security camera systems for correctional facilities are scalable and customizable to meet today’s challenges while being reliable and trusted by jailhouses globally.

Maintain staff and inmate safety

Pelco offers a range of jail security cameras for complete coverage, including corner mount jail cameras that can be safely placed in cells and panoramic prison security cameras.

  • Protect your perimeter

    Pelco Smart Analytics and thermal jail cameras enable you to detect threats around a prison’s perimeter.

  • Faster responses

    Proactive threat alerts from our prison cell cameras help officers respond and extinguish threats.

  • Safeguard your investments

    Pelco’s jail CCTV cameras are rated IK10 vandal-resistant and designed to withstand tampering.

Minimize crime and contraband

Improve decision-making, responses and operational efficiency with our line of prison security cameras that allow you to detect and eliminate the exchange of forbidden objects in the visiting area.

  • Detect faster with Smart Analytics

    Customize loitering zones or direction motion, detect abandoned objects and track objects automatically.

  • Monitor 247

    Pelco jail security cameras deliver clear footage even in challenging conditions, including in the dark.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

    Our jail camera systems meet strict requirements, such as PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) compliance.

Update your jail CCTV system

Pelco takes your existing prison CCTV infrastructure for correctional facilities and migrates it to the latest technology while maintaining data integrity with no cybersecurity risks.

  • Migrate with ease

    Pelco migration is fast to deploy with interoperability, minimal downtime and has a failover setup.

  • Save money and time

    Our ONVIF conformant prison cameras seamlessly integrate with your existing third-party VMS.

  • Verify alerts and improve responses

    Reduce maintenance costs of our prison cell video surveillance cameras with Image Health reports.

Pelco prison security cameras

Enhance safety and maintain order with correctional facility security cameras that are high-performing, vandal-resistant and provide cell-to-perimeter coverage with no blind spots.

Sarix Enhanced 4 Series

Capture audio recordings while extracting more information in greater detail with these prison cell cameras.

Sarix Corner 3 Series

Ensure complete protection and capture wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling coverage with this vandal-resistant prison camera.

Sarix Multi Enhanced

This analytics-enabled prison CCTV security camera provides 360-degree coverage from all angles and a 32 MP total resolution.

Pelco Elevate

Experience numerous benefits, such as free Image Health reports, streamlined multi-site management and site sharing.

Sarix Thermal Enhanced 4 Series

Leverage advanced analytics and heat-sensing technology to detect long-range threats that may be invisible to the human eye.

Sarix Professional 4 Series

Analytics-enabled prison security cameras that provide sharp, high-quality video for indoor or outdoor applications.

Our customer stories

Reliable prison surveillance systems

Our prison cameras help improve situational awareness. By providing cell-to-perimeter coverage, our prison security cameras enable CCTV teams to monitor activity and respond to threats.

Why choose Pelco

Prison security camera systems are necessary in correctional facilities to help ensure the safety of inmates, staff and the general public. Pelco’s prison surveillance systems deliver reliable footage and, coupled with AI analytics, allow users to receive real-time threat alerts.

  • Our prison surveillance systems help protect inmates and staff, detect threats and provide real-time alerts.

  • Our jail security cameras are purpose-built to withstand attempts to destroy them while being easy to clean.

  • Lower security costs by integrating our correctional facility security cameras with your existing VMS.

  • Our prison security camera systems are on the GSA-Approved Product List and adhere to stringent regulations.

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Learn how to improve visibility for your organization with our comprehensive guide to video security. Explore camera types, compliance, storage, scalability and more with our free guide.

Com­pli­ance and Certifications

Create a smarter and safer world with Pelco’s wide range of CCTV security cameras, video management systems and accessories working together as an integrated solution to meet global security standards.


Experience a trusted and cyber secure platform - TLS 1.2, RMF, FIPS 140-2.

NDAA Compliant

NDAA Section 889 compliant cameras.

ONVIF Conformant

Pelco products are ONVIF Profile S, G, T and M conformant.

GSA Contract

Trade Agreement Act or Country of Origin US - Pelco GSA Contract GS-07F-9323S.

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