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Greater awareness with video analytics

The more information you have about your sites, the better you can protect them. Our range of video analytics solutions help you accurately detect people and vehicles in real-time so you can prevent critical incidents from occurring.

Object detection

Receive alerts for events caused by people or vehicles, with reduced false alarms

Customized object behavior

Meet specific site requirements by customizing analytic behaviors

Classification of objects

Classify people and vehicles that are stationary or moving

Video security that does more

Elevate your existing security systems by adding Pelco’s video security analytics and cloud-based intelligence to your cameras to monitor your sites with ease.

Pelco Calipsa

Revolutionize your video security with real-time video analytics. With no additional hardware required, Pelco Calipsa provides an easy transition from motion-only cameras to AI-capable solutions.

  • Increase accuracy

    Reduce false alarms and focus on genuine alarms caused by people or vehicles

  • Gain efficiencies

    Share selected sites with security operators and set custom schedules on a site-by-site basis

  • Keep sites running smoothly

    Receive daily reports of when a camera has been moved, needs cleaning or when the view is obstructed

Advanced Analytics

Direct your focus to situations needing immediate attention with our video analytics technology that includes detection and categorization of objects.

  • Improve threat detection

    Detect both stationary and moving objects with the VxToolbox

  • Optimize your security

    Meet your business needs by customizing the accuracy threshold with the confidence filter

  • Respond faster

    Monitor detection zones that highlight alarm and bounding boxes around detected objects with the VxOpsCenter

Smart Analytics, powered by Motorola Solutions

Improve your existing video security platform by adding our most powerful analytic technologies that provide increased accuracy in detecting and classifying objects.

  • Increase efficiency

    Receive notifications on crowd flow in commercial spaces in order to mitigate queues and foot traffic

  • Customize your security

    Leverage ten object behaviors that can be recognized to create events integrated with select VMS systems

  • Enhance object detection

    Classify objects beyond people and vehicles which includes motorcycles and bicycles

Solving your greatest security challenges

Discover how security operators can better protect their sites with our video analytics technology.

Memphis Tennessee Airport streamlines traffic flow

“The solution also includes more advanced video analytics to further aid parking operations and the security staff’s ability to gather information in the event of an incident” - Memphis Tennessee Airport

Murtala Muhammed Airport terminal two

“In addition to conventional features such as motion detection or camera tampering, these intelligent cameras have advanced tracking capabilities.” - Mr. Akeem Saliu, BOW Project Manager

Fresno Police Department improves safety management

“The advanced technology and imaging quality in our new Pelco cameras has significantly improved our monitoring and response capability” - Sergeant Steve Casto of the Fresno Police Department

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.