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Mining security systems and surveillance

Mine sites are at risk of perimeter breaches, theft and vandalism. Mining surveillance cameras and CCTV can help keep your location secure by bringing potentially critical events to your attention.

Deter mine or quarry trespassing

Maintain your site’s first line of defense with mining security cameras that can alert you to threats at your perimeter.

  • Receive immediate notification

    Real-time alerts from video analytics allow you to identify potential threats and guide your response.

  • Detect unauthorized individuals

    Leverage the power of video analytics and exceptional image clarity to detect threats quickly at your mine site.

  • Improve situational awareness

    Choose from a wide range of mining surveillance cameras to meet the unique installation requirements with reduced blind spots.

Ensure visibility

Prevent camera failures with mining CCTV cameras that offer reliable, expansive coverage under any environmental challenges.

  • Withstand harsh conditions

    Pelco’s ruggedized mining security cameras can withstand harsh environments, so you can ensure consistent monitoring.

  • See clearly

    Self-cleaning cameras offer outstanding weather protection with wiper options that allow you to maintain visibility.

  • Conquer the dark

    Thermal camera technology achieves clear object detection across your mine or mineral site, even in total darkness.

Improve productivity and safety

Keep your mine’s operations running smoothly and reduce liability with mining security cameras that provide intelligent alerts of potentially critical events and the clear video quality you need to investigate quickly.

  • Protect workers

    Identify hazards using Pelco’s mining surveillance cameras and help ensure compliance with safety rules.

  • Monitor remote sites

    Improve your situational awareness at all your quarry and mineral sites with remote access to video feeds.

  • Reduce risk

    Choose mining security cameras with housing that meets explosion-proof and dust-ignition-proof requirements.

Achieve safer mining sites with Pelco

Explore Pelco’s durable and secure solutions to enhance mining site safety and security, streamline operations and detect threats.

Esprit Compact Bispectral PTZ

Rugged PTZ camera with both visual and thermal imaging designed to withstand tough conditions, including shocks and vibrations.

ExSite Enhanced Fixed 2 Series

Bullet explosion-proof camera built with stainless steel, ideal for monitoring targeted hazardous locations in mining sites.

ExSite Pro IR PTZ

Explosion-proof camera with aluminum housing and built-in IR illuminator to offer mines continuous recording both day and night.

Sarix Thermal Enhanced 4 Series

Long-range thermal camera with radiometric capabilities to detect abnormal temperature changes or hazardous situations.

Esprit Compact PTZ

Hardened PTZ camera featuring exceptional imaging with up to 8 MP resolution and x40 optical zoom, plus optional IR illuminator.

ExSite Enhanced PTZ 2 Series

Heavy-duty explosion-proof cameras designed to survive in the harshest environmental conditions that are common to hazardous sites.

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Reliable mine site security cameras and CCTV

Discover mining security systems and CCTV for quarries and mineral sites that are designed to ensure your site remains safe and secure.

Why choose Pelco

Pelco makes it possible to provide safety and security at your mine with mining site CCTV cameras that are built to withstand harsh environments while alerting you of potential threats so that you can take action.

  • Our security cameras integrate with third-party products so you can scale your system without overhauling it.

  • Easily manage the security of your mine remotely, with multi-site server access to view video feeds.

  • Our video mining surveillance cameras are rated IK10 vandal-resistant to withstand tampering.

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Learn how to improve visibility for your organization with our comprehensive guide to video security. Explore camera types, compliance, storage, scalability and more with our free guide.

Com­pli­ance and Certifications

Create a smarter and safer world with Pelco’s wide range of CCTV security cameras, video management systems and accessories working together as an integrated solution to meet global security standards.


Experience a trusted and cyber secure platform - TLS 1.2, RMF, FIPS 140-2.

NDAA Compliant

NDAA Section 889 compliant cameras.

ONVIF Conformant

Pelco products are ONVIF Profile S, G, T and M conformant.

GSA Contract

Trade Agreement Act or Country of Origin US - Pelco GSA Contract GS-07F-9323S.

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