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Pelco’s VideoXpert video management system allows security professionals to easily see what they need to see, when they want to see it. Available in Enterprise and Professional packages, this VMS provides a scalable solution ranging from entry-level surveillance set-ups to systems that support tens of thousands of cameras across multiple continents. VideoXpert can be optimized with Pelco hardware or seamlessly integrated with third-party cameras, but it is always backed by an unparalleled level of support.

Video Management Systems

VideoXpert Enterprise

Large-Size to Multiple Sites
VideoXpert Enterprise is the intelligent choice for businesses that are data-driven, demand efficiency, and seek a holistic approach to operations. With expanded functionality, VideoXpert Enterprise provides a single solution by allowing easy connection to other systems, including mapping, integration to access control systems, and license plate recognition.

VideoXpert Professional

Small to Mid-Size Installations
Ideal for small to mid-size installations up to 100 cameras, VideoXpert Professional seamlessly bridges the gap between mid-market and enterprise platforms . The scalable design not only meets your needs today, it sets you up for success tomorrow.

IP Video Management Systems

Migrate to VideoXpert

Still Running an Old System?

Migrate your existing Endura or Digital Sentry video management system to VideoXpert for the most cost-effective upgrade in the industry.

Currently using a different system?

Upgrade Your Surveillance Power with a new video management system and innovative features, including powerful analytics.

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