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Video management systems by nature are complex — a complexity that often overwhelms the user experience, resulting in a steep learning curve and misplaced focus.

VideoXpert™ is different thanks to its intuitive design and easy-to-navigate presentation that effortlessly displays what’s needed, when it’s needed, allowing security professionals to make fast, effective decisions that drive your business forward. 

VideoXpert has it all

100 To 25,000

The Pelco video management difference

VideoXpert is a video management solution designed to fit surveillance operations of any size. Whether your operation has 100 cameras or 25,000, VideoXpert presents a solution to display, record, and manage your video resources. But VideoXpert Enterprise is more than a VMS, it is an enterprise video-centric data management solution, designed to bring in data from any source and reference it to other data, to provide predictive capability to every customer.

Key features

  • Eliminate single points of failure and ensure reliability though fault-tolerant software, distributed architecture, and multiple levels of redundancy
  • Flexible scale with reliable modular architecture
  • Migration paths for Endura® and Digital Sentry® systems
  • ONVIF™ Profile S compliant
  • Aggregate VMS networks and manage all video through a single system
  • Deploy as a hardware or software solution
  • Create and assign tags, organizing network resources as you see fit
  • Fully immersive views at 180º, 270º, and 360º when used with Optera™ Panoramic Cameras

VideoXpert software

Elite lineup of enterprise software that can take care of all your needs.

Client applications


The VxOpsCenter is the operator console, providing an intuitive, but powerful interface from which users can access and investigate video throughout the system. The VxOpsCenter supports up to six, uniquely configurable monitors, each capable of displaying up to 16 video streams simultaneously.


VxToolbox is a desktop application used to manage all the cameras on your network, as well as your VideoXpert system. VxToolbox connects to your VideoXpert server (VideoXpert Core or VxPro Server) to configure and manage camera settings, recording schedules, users and permissions, rules, and more. VxToolbox can also be used as a stand-alone camera management tool, even when VideoXpert has not been deployed.


VxPortal is a powerful web-based client which can be used for live, playback, and PTZ. It can also activate relays, acknowledge events, de-warp Optera cameras, create bookmarks, edit camera names and numbers, and start easy exports. VxPortal uses standard web ports, making it easy to provide remote access to your VideoXpert system via MJPEG and H.264.


The VideoXport player decrypts, validates, and plays-back secured exports from VideoXpert. You can download the player directly from VideoXpert along with an exported video file or you can download it from

Server applications

VideoXpert Core

The Core is the heart of the VideoXpert system, it maintains the database of cameras and recording devices. The Core also hosts a convenient Web interface called the Admin Portal, from which you can configure and manage the system. Through the Admin Portal, you can administer user accounts and permissions, determining the system functions and devices users can access.


Media Gateway serves as the video traffic monitor to route video traffic to appropriate users as requested. Although available as separate components, they can be combined to serve as a single server for up to 2000 cameras.


VideoXpert Storage (VxStorage) is a recording platform that captures, stores, and serves recorded video for your VideoXpert system. The VxStorage hardware platform is designed to maximize uptime and ensure that you never lose access to your mission-critical video data.

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VideoXpert Enterprise 3.24

Now supporting the Sarix Enhanced 4 Series and Ulisse Enhanced 2 Series camera lines.

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VideoXpert Integration Services

The following are commonly used VideoXpert services for basic integrations, such as SNMP management and handling alarms from Modbus devices.

VxSNMP Agent Software v3.0

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Check on VMS and camera health.

VxSNMP Agent Quick Start Guide

pdf - 319 KB - v1.1

VxSNMP Agent Software v3.0

exe - 5.80 MB - v3.0

VxConnect Installer Software — v3.0.0 – 55

3.0.0 – 55

Ability to export video streams from VideoXpert Enterprise and/​or Pro systems to 3rd party clients. Offers customizable RTSP endpoints that allow a client application connect to a stream from a VideoXpert system that is relayed via the VxConnect service.

VxConnect Specification Sheet

pdf - 339 KB - v3.0.0

VxConnect User Manual

pdf - 613 KB - v3.0.0

VxConnect Installer Software - v3.0.0-55

msi - 5.45 MB - v3.0.0

ASCII Translator Configuration Tool User Manual- v1.0.0.13

Capable of listening for ASCII commands on a serial port / Ethernet port / both simultaneously.

ASCII Translator Software Download - v.

zip - 3.87 MB - v3.6.2.0-1

Pelco ASCII Integration Installation Manual - v3.6.2.0-1

pdf - 535 KB - v3.6.2.0-1

ASCII Translator Configuration Tool Software - v1.0.0.13

msi - 9.26 MB - v1.0.0.13

ASCII Translator Configuration Tool User Manual- v1.0.0.13

pdf - 400 KB - v1.0.0.13

Event Monitor Configuration User Manual

Event Monitor Service feature capable of polling for alarms from various devices and performing various actions when an alarm state change occurs.

Pelco Event Monitor Service Software v3.7.3.0

zip - 3.72 MB - v3.7.3.0

Pelco Event Monitor Service User Manual

pdf - 425 KB - v3.7.2.0

Event Monitor Configuration Tool Installer - v1.0.0.20

msi - 7.96 MB - v1.0.0.20

Event Monitor Configuration User Manual

pdf - 424 KB - v1.0.0.19

VxEnterprise Hardware

Core Media Gateway 3

VxStorage Server E-Series

VxStorage Server T-Series

VxStorage Server R-Series

Desktop Workstation

Desktop Workstation 2

Rackmount Workstation

Shared Display Decoder

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