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Let’s make our world safer

Whether you’re an integrator or A&E, director in charge of security and surveillance at a facility, or a business executive, one thing is for certain: Information is critical to your success.

And no one can deliver the information you need, the moment you need it, better than Pelco. Pelco delivers end-to-end video surveillance and security solutions that provide the information necessary to make real-time, business-enabling decisions.

Choose an industry


Enterprise Security Systems And Surveillance Cameras For Airports.


Observe movements in all areas, including vulnerable spaces, and strengthen security with bank video surveillance and bank security systems.

Casinos & gaming

Enterprise Security Systems And Surveillance Cameras For Gaming And Resorts.


Integrated, Customized Video Surveillance Solutions For Improved Security And Operational Efficiency.


Secure your construction site with job site security camera systems. Enhance worker safety and equipment security with construction security cameras.


Rugged Video Security Solutions For Corrections Fully Integrated With Common Industry Programmable Logic Controllers.

Critical Infrastructure

Protect your critical infrastructure site, prevent service outages and safeguard workers with proactive energy video surveillance security.


Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions For Education & Grade Schools.


24/7 Coverage Of Physical Surroundings, Improving Safety And Increasing Operational Efficiency.


Boost safety with hotel CCTV and hotel security systems designed to improve visibility in all areas, including vulnerable spaces.


Secure your manufacturing site and detect malfunctioning equipment with warehouse security cameras and industrial security systems.


Enhance efficiency and security with maritime security camera systems that can withstand port and harbor coastal environments and deliver the insights you need.


Enhance mine site security with mining surveillance cameras that detect potential threats to keep people & property safe.

Multifamily Residential

Create safer communities and secure your property with Pelco’s apartment complex security cameras for multifamily residential buildings and condos.

Oil & gas

Enterprise Security Systems And Surveillance Cameras For Oil & Gas.


Pelco’s open-platform retail security cameras and store surveillance systems allow you to secure your property, safeguard shoppers and boost revenue.


Pelco’s security camera systems for restaurants help secure all areas of your restaurant, prevent inventory loss, and protect staff and patrons.

Safe city

When Public Safety Is At Risk, And Real-Time Decision Making Is Required, Cities Demand A Proactive Approach To Security And Safety.


Designed To Meet Your Security And Operational Needs For Traffic Monitoring.

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