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Supported & Self-Help

Pelco products are supported through two stages of the product’s life: Supported & Self-help

The chart below explains the support and repair options available for each stage. We at Pelco take your company’s security seriously. In the event of a detected threat that could potentially put your system at risk, Pelco may release software patches for a product at any stage of a product’s life cycle.* 

*The products list available here is not exhaustive. Contents may change without notice.

Pelco Product Support Lookup

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Product repairability

After the warranty on the product is expired a pelco authorized service center can provide a Best-effort non-warranty service. Best effort service is limited to some assemblies and components remaining on hand after the final warranty expiration. Three years after the final warranty expiration, Pelco cannot support the service of the product with exception of Exsite cameras. Please visit the link below to check the product repairability.

Pelco authorized service center

Authorized Service Center can support the best effort service after the three years. Please contact the closest service center to check if service center can provide best effort service. You can find the list of Authorized service center by clicking the link below

Professional services

Professional Services offer on-site support for products that still offer Full support. Professional Services are not available for Self-help.

Technical support service levels

From self-serve to priority support, tiered Technical Support levels are available to meet your business needs.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.