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Made To Last

Pelco cameras are designed to handle hazardous situations and harsh environments, making sure you have video even when conditions are working against you.

Monitor Dangerous Situations Remotely

Fog, wind, rain, lightening, snow and hail can be treacherous. In hazardous areas, where toxic chemicals or flammable materials exist, video surveillance allows operators to remain safe while viewing the scene.

Mitigate Risk And Damage

Constantly monitoring equipment and perimeters for equipment failure, fires, trespassing, theft and sabotage helps limit risk. Should an explosion occur, having cameras that remain operational is essential for emergency personnel and investigators.

Improve Real-Time Responsiveness

Rugged cameras combined with video analytics and real-time alerts enable operators to proactively detect threats and anomalies, identify potential vulnerabilities and guide emergency responses under harsh conditions.

Cameras Designed to Withstand Hazardous Conditions

Some industries, like energy and manufacturing, operate in hazardous conditions. For the ultimate in safety and survivability, Pelco’s rugged cameras are flameproof, dust-tight, explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant. Pelco cameras and positioning systems are engineered to withstand harsh and hazardous environments while delivering security with excellent performance

Rugged Cameras For Extreme Environments

For wet or harsh outdoor locations, maritime applications, and potentially corrosive or explosive environments, cameras must be engineered to survive while delivering high-quality video. Pelco offers cameras equipped with sun shrouds, heaters, and blowers, and are constructed of rugged 316 stainless steel to survive extreme environments.

Weatherproof Cameras Deliver High-Quality Video

Outdoor security cameras must take extreme temperatures, fog, rain, snow and ice into account. Robust outdoor models have much more comprehensive operating temperature ranges up to ‑60°C to 60°C ( ‑76º –140ºF ). Pelco cameras are certified to a full set of demanding standards so that they can survive not only falling water,but direct hose-downs without damage. Keeping People and Property Safe in Harsh and Hazardous Conditions

Product Offerings

Full HD Fixed IP Systems

Explosion-proof Camera System: High Reliability, Full HD Fixed IP Systems


  • Up to 1920 x 1080p Resolution Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), 30x zoom lens, and Superb Low light Performance
  • Dual Stream H.264 IP Video with Smart Compression
  • Rated to Operate from -60 to +60° C while in Compliance to T6 Surface Temperature (<85° C) Hazardous Location Regulations
  • 316L Billet Stainless Steel Electro Polished Construction
  • Standard IP Ethernet Connection and Integrated Transmission
  • Options including Fiber, Ethernet over Coax, and UTP Extension




PTZ & IR Illuminator Option

Explosion-proof Camera System: High Reliability, Full HD PTZ IP Systems with Variable Zoom IR Illuminator.


  • Extremely Reliable Pan/Tilt Direct Drive Motion Control System
  • Upright or Inverted Installation with Automatic Orientation Detection
  • Low Latency Electronics for Improved Pan/Tilt Driveability and Safety
  • Vari-zoom IR Illuminator Option with 200 Meter Range



Esprit® Enhanced Series IP PTZ Positioning Systems

Standard, with PTZ, & IR Illuminator Option Pelco’s iconic Esprit® Series positioning system provides best-in-class image quality and pan/​tilt performance. Esprit Enhanced provides the total package of impressive image quality, valuable software features, and time-tested pan/​tilt performance suitable for any installation environment.

Use Cases

Monitor Explosive Situations

Explosions are a fact of life in the energy industry. In some cases, the explosive devices are deliberately set, as in mining operations. In other cases, explosions are the result of accidents around flammable materials, as in oil & gas operations. Having cameras designed to withstand explosions allows operators to continually monitor the situation.

Keeping Communities Safe

Whether dealing with security at government facilities, managing traffic and crowds at local events, or responding to natural disasters, having rugged IP video surveillance solutions streamlines decision-making and guides actions.

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