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Pelco’s smart street surveillance cameras

Intelligent street security cameras from Pelco improve safety and enhance situational awareness with high-quality video, while AI-powered analytics assist in efficiently controlling traffic.

Enhance visibility in every street

Pelco’s traffic surveillance cameras with intelligent analytics enable proactive monitoring, facilitate a smooth traffic flow and automate alerts for better incident management.

  • Detect movements of specific vehicles

    Open platform allows the system to integrate with other tools such as license plate recognition software.

  • Improve traffic with video analytics

    Capture data on the number of vehicles or pedestrians traversing an area for better traffic management.

  • Complete coverage with expansive angles

    Traffic cameras with 360-degree views help ensure that every movement is observed with no detail missed.

Improving traffic flow and safety

Powerful street surveillance camera systems immediately assess and respond to incidents to help save lives and prevent traffic congestion from spreading.

  • Regulate crosswalk flow

    Analytics monitor the number of pedestrians to formulate traffic light timing and prevent accidents.

  • Prevent traffic jams

    Instant traffic alerts inform operators of incidents such as gridlock to make streets more efficient.

  • Protect road construction workers

    Advanced traffic video surveillance monitors road work activities and helps ensure workers are protected.

Monitor surrounding areas

Pelco’s traffic camera surveillance goes beyond street monitoring. Its customizable systems also provide coverage in surrounding areas such as residential and commercial districts.

  • Easy security management

    With an open platform, Pelco’s traffic camera surveillance works with any VMS for convenient management.

  • Make intersections safer

    Intersection security cameras provide operators with complete situational awareness in intersections.

  • Detailed coverage in broad areas

    Pelco’s highway surveillance covers wide areas more efficiently with HD video and zoom capabilities.

Trusted Pelco traffic surveillance cameras

Choose from a variety of street security cameras with smart analytics and find cameras that can provide complete coverage for streets. Plus, an open platform allows for easy integrations with other systems.

Spectra Enhanced IR Look Up 7

Monitor large traffic areas with a camera that can look 30° above the horizon, even in total darkness with IR illumination.

Esprit Compact PTZ

Rugged traffic surveillance camera built to withstand extreme weather conditions, featuring long-range optional IR illuminator.

Sarix Multi Enhanced

This analytics-enabled security camera provides 360-degree coverage from all angles and 32 MP total resolution.

Sarix Enhanced 4 Series

Designed with a built-in microphone to identify loud noises while recording audio.

Sarix Enhanced 4P box camera

Secure the box camera in your own enclosure to uphold wear and protect the site against corrosive vehicle exhaust.

Pelco Elevate

Efficiently manage your cameras across multiple sites by leveraging on-camera and cloud capabilities.

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Pelco traffic monitoring cameras for cities

Proactively monitor traffic flow and automate tasks and alerts for better incident management with road surveillance solutions from Pelco.

Why choose Pelco

A wide range of traffic monitoring cameras and highway surveillance cameras with advanced features and high-definition video offer enhanced situational awareness, while AI-powered analytics provide actionable insights to better manage traffic and ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers.

  • Advanced video analytics provide insights to facilitate a smooth traffic flow and instantly detect threats.

  • Seamlessly integrate Pelco’s versatile traffic security cameras with other systems to strengthen safety.

  • Customize your cameras according to specific city needs with the Pelco Special Modification Request program.

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Com­pli­ance and Certifications

Create a smarter and safer world with Pelco’s wide range of CCTV security cameras, video management systems and accessories working together as an integrated solution to meet global security standards.


Experience a trusted and cyber secure platform - TLS 1.2, RMF, FIPS 140-2.

NDAA Compliant

NDAA Section 889 compliant cameras.

ONVIF Conformant

Pelco products are ONVIF Profile S, G, T and M conformant.

GSA Contract

Trade Agreement Act or Country of Origin US - Pelco GSA Contract GS-07F-9323S.

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