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Reinventing Pelco’s flagship camera

The Sarix Enhanced 4P introduces new analytic capabilities and sets an even higher standard for security by running multiple analytics at once. Extract more information and in greater detail to optimize threat detection and response efficiency. 

Experience uninterrupted security

Reliable power supply and uninterrupted insight at all times with hitless power failover

Protect more things at once

Make more informed decisions, and faster, by conducting multiple analytics simultaneously


Capture unmissable evidence

Reduce the chances of missing critical details with clearer, sharper and more detailed footage

Sarix Enhanced 4P Bullet Camera

  • Enhanced clarity with 4MP and 8MP options
  • Capture events at longer distance with wider angle lens

Sarix Enhanced 4P Dome Camera

  • Reduce IR reflections and maintenance costs with split IR dome
  • New built-in analytics for intelligent event detection

Sarix Enhanced 4P Box Camera

  • i‑CS and CS lens compatibility
  • Secured using an onboarded TPM, Secure Boot and FIPs-140 – 2 Level 3 compliance

Product range

Sarix Enhanced 4P Series Dome

Starting at $1,363
True Wide Dynamic Range
Hitless Power Failover
Five-Year Warranty
Smart Analytics
Elevate Enabled
Split IR Dome
IPX9 Rated

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.