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Respond quickly with fast PTZ speeds

Monitor large sites with the Pelco Spectra Enhanced 7 Series. As the latest product evolution in the Spectra camera family, this PTZ dome camera line delivers accurate pan and tilt speeds, long-range optical zoom, up to 4K video and advanced analytics.

Pelco advanced analytics

Respond quickly with built-in analytics to proactively detect critical events

Wide area coverage

Never miss a moment with 360-degree views

Strong low-light performance

Monitor your site in high-definition, even in the most difficult lighting

Spectra Enhanced PTZ Dome 7 1080P 30X

  • SureVision technology ensures strong low-light performance, helping you find what you are looking for faster
  • True wide dynamic range gives you increased visibility in both bright and dark areas

Spectra Enhanced PTZ Dome 7 4K 20X

  • Direct drive technology for fast and accurate tracking
  • Ultimate flexibility in various lighting conditions with true wide dynamic range

Pelco H.264 and H.265 smart compression technology

Pelco Smart Compression technology dynamically analyzes motion occurring within live video in real-time, compressing the information you don’t need while retaining details with clear quality in the areas that are important in the scene.

Direct Drive
Advanced Analytics
SureVision Technology
True Wide Dynamic Range
Pelco Smart Compression Technology
Open System

Spectra Enhanced in the wild

Fresno Police Department

The Fresno Police Department improves safety management and response capabilities with the Pelco Spectra Enhanced PTZ dome camera line.


The small municipality of Drogenbos deploys big-city solutions to safeguard its community and prevent incidents before they occur.

EUREF Campus

The EUREF campus boosts visibility with a complete Pelco video security solution, including the Spectra Enhanced PTZ dome camera.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.