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Auto Track Objects

Automatically track objects of interest with Pelco Camera Link, where you can link the Optera and a Spectra Enhanced cameras that are mounted nearby. The Optera provides seamless panoramic coverage for total situational awareness while the Spectra Enhanced with 30x optical zoom goes in for detail and tracks objects automatically. When Auto tracking is enabled, Pelco Camera Link acts as an automatic PTZ operator that uses the analytic information from Optera to point and zoom the Spectra Enhanced to follow moving objects in the scene. Watch to see how Pelco Camera Link tracks moving subjects with ease and efficiency.

Pelco Camera Link with VideoXpert

Pelco Camera Link technology brings together the best of two flagship Pelco products: You get the seamless and continual situational awareness of Optera across a wide space along with the ability to automatically zoom in for great detail with nearby Spectra Enhanced and follow people and vehicles closely.

Optera Panomersive Modes

Optera’s Panomersive Experience. Video from the four sensors is stitched and blended at the boundaries to present you with a natural continuous panorama. No more worries about poor alignment between sensors, having to manually arrange images, or gaps in information.

Take in the whole panoramic scene and simultaneously drill down into crisp detailed immersive views where you can pan, tilt, and zoom to your areas of interest.

Full High Definition SureVision 3.0 Cameras

Spectra Enhanced has long provided Full HD 1080p 30x optical zoom cameras that run at up to 60 frames per second and provide 130dB of True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). With Pelco’s latest product evolution a powerful new camera option is now available that features the same powerful WDR capabilities as before but now with the addition of Pelco’s latest SureVision 3.0 low light performance. In addition to 130dB of True WDR SureVision 3.0 adds a new level of low light performance that is up to twenty times better than base Spectra Enhanced models. The new SureVision 3.0 camera is available in 30x optical zoom models.

Product Types


S7230L, S7818L

7 PTZ IP Cameras are the latest product evolution in the legacy Spectra family providing fast and accurate pan and tilt with two options:

  • 18X optical zoom, up to 4K 30 FPS video,
  • 30X optical zoom, up to 2 MP 60 FPS video,

advanced analytics.

Optera Series

Using the right coverage while using less equipment.

OPTERA™ 360°



Optera 360º cameras provide detailed video of multiple locations with a stitched and blended display that fully immerses you into the scene.

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