Security IR Visible Lighting

As users move away from the expense, energy consumption and "light pollution" of traditional exterior and floodlighting, individual infrared and white light LED illumination provide excellent, efficient solutions for improved video surveillance performance. These illuminations options are perfect for fixed and PTZ camera installations. These high-quality systems offer excellent flexibility, including interchangeable lenses for addressing most any wide or narrow illumination application. A very convenient optional remote control makes installation easy by providing controls for light sensitivity, photocell sensitivity, on/off timer and other necessary setup functions. 

To increase megapixel camera performance in low-light situations and to reduce bandwidth-consuming night scene video noise, choose from a range of Pelco IR and white light illumination options.

  • LED White Light Illuminators to 150 Meters
  • Semi-Covert IR Illuminators to 220 Meters
  • Covert IR Illuminators to 110 Meters
  • Five Year Warranty
White Light Illuminators
Semi Covert IR Illuminators
Covert IR Illuminators