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Pelco Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Combine the advantages of enhanced security with design flexibility by transmitting data and power over a single Ethernet cable. With indoor and environmental systems, easy plug-and-play technology, and no required power management, you can optimize and expand your network security systems with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Pelco Power over Ethernet midspan systems provide a wide range of power options for IP cameras, enclosures, PTZ systems, and other edge devices over an Ethernet cabling infrastructure using the IEEE 802.3 industry standard.

Pelco 24VAC Indoor and Outdoor power supplies provide robust power for Analog cameras and IP cameras that are not using PoE.

Product Types

Power Over Ethernet


Single port 30W PoE+ IEEE802.3at Midspan


Single port 30W PoE extender


Single Port, IEEE 802.3BT Type 4, GbE, 90W 4-Pairs PoE Indoor Midspan


Four port 30W PoE+ IEEE802.3at Midspan


12 port 36W PoE+ IEEE802.3at Midspan


24 port 36W PoE+ IEEE802.3at Midspan

Indoor & Outdoor Power Supplies

WCS Series

24 VAC Outdoor Power Supply

TF Series

Indoor, Single 24VAC Power Supply

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