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Video Management

                                      Map-Based Extension for Endura Workstation -  Endura® Mapping WS5200-MAP

                                      Endura® Mapping WS5200-MAP (v2.0)

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                                      Displays Physical Location of Security Cameras Endura Mapping WS5200-MAP 

                                      ENDURA WORKSTATION MAP-BASED EXTENSION

                                      The Endura® Mapping interface gives operators the ability to display the physical location of cameras, alarms, and other Endura devices throughout a facility. Careful integration with the Endura WS5000 advanced system software makes setting up a map fast and intuitive. A flexible user interface with powerful filtering and navigation tools makes working with maps an effective way of monitoring a large and disparate system for the operator.


                                      • Designed to Work with the Endura® WS5000 version 2.x Advanced System Management Software for Ease in Creating and Working With Maps
                                      • Access to Mapping Functions and Cameras Managed Through Endura Roles and Permissions
                                      • Import Existing Maps Generated in AutoCAD or as Images in BMP, JPEG, TIF, or GIF Format
                                      • Create Custom Maps Using Integrated Shapes Tools
                                      • Configurable Icons and Easy Association of Endura Devices to Icons
                                      • Embed Hyperlinks in Maps to Link Various Maps, URL Pages, and Network Servers to Map Areas
                                      • Icon Animation to Indicate State of Alarm and Automatic Tally of Types of Alarms per Icon
                                      • Zoom Controls to Quickly Zoom in to a Specific Area on a Map
                                      • Ability to Filter by Shapes and Icons to Quickly Access Required
                                      • Views or Simply Jump to Predefined Views
                                      • Access Cameras, Relays, Scripts, Alarms, and Video Wall Directly From Mapping Interface
                                      • Access to Playback Video Related to an Alarm or Event with Commands to Mark Video and Take Snapshots

                                      Endura® Mapping WS5200-MAP (v2.0)