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Intelligent Government Solutions

Protecting citizens and a nation's property is the highest priority for Governments, along with being fully compliant on ever evolving regulations. Government employees need to ensure compliance with procedures and document incidents to build evidence accordingly.

Securing people, facilities and assets of government at all levels: borders, coasts and ports, embassies and military bases, the Government security professionals are tasked to monitor sensitive as well as very large perimeter preventing from intrusion, internal or external theft as well as tailgating.

Compliant and Effective Solutions

Pelco, began serving the federal market in 1957 and is consistently developing new products and technologies to deliver the most trusted solutions available. We provide end-to-end integrated video surveillance solutions through redundant and reliable products complying with stringent regulations while offering exceptional service and support continuity.


Unified Solution to Optimize investment

Pelco optimizes your investment with a low total cost of ownership, including local training and free on-line classes, warranty and support. Pelco offers a wide spectrum of products covering any situations and thoroughly tested by our engineering team to assure compatibility and optimization.



Ensure cybersecurity compliance

Regulations in the government community are constantly evolving: any equipment entering this market needs to strictly comply with each regulation. (included but not limited to: NDAA, COO, Cyber-security, etc.). Pelco has been in the market for decades and is extremely well positioned with key Government Agencies projects worldwide.


Faster Response Times

Intuitively designed, it is easy to expand, search cameras and export clips. It is built with instinctive workflows and advanced search capabilities so new users are rapidly trained and immediately operational. Its redundant System Architecture with failover and load balancing ensures no down time in any situation.

Highly reliable, Intuitive system

With over six decades of experience, Pelco ensures service continuity while constantly developing new products and technologies to deliver the most trusted solutions available. Pelco offers seamless migration with guaranteed upgrade paths backed by redundant and reliable products complying with stringent regulations.

Solving your challenges


Protect From Intrusion

Intrusion or access detection is one of the critical needs for government agencies. Pelco’s Advanced Analytics, Thermal camera lineup, combined with our Plug-in Integration technology provide a robust level of protection that is customizable based on the needs of a specific site or agency.


Avoid Tailgating

Crowd gathering and spacing near doors and points of entry create opportunities for site breach. Pelco and our partners can provide solutions and active alerting to combat this critical need.


Prevent Theft

The large majority of CCTV deployments are not monitored in real time and operator fatigue provides large room for error.  A combination of camera and VMS technologies deployed by Pelco solve these challenges.

Compliance & Certifications


  • FIPS 140-2
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Transport Layer Security

Country of Origin

In accordance with needs of customers in some segments and countries, Pelco offers include products that comply with US TAA regulations as well as COO US products.

Pelco Top Secret Clearance

Pelco Professional Service Field Engineers have obtained Top Secret (highest level) of government clearance available.


Trusted by US Government and government around the world. 100% of our products are NDAA compliant.

US Commerca Dpt
  • Non export of sensitive information
  • Non export of sensitive equipment to individuals and companies.
  • SureVision and image defor capability Technology for challenging lighting conditions
  • Frameless direct drive for fast and accurate detection
  • AI-powered advanced analytics enabling automated detection and object classification for people and vehicles
  • 180⁰, 270⁰, and 360⁰ panoramic and immersive views
  • Seamless panoramic views at high resolution
  • Stitching, WDR, low light performance

Sarix TI & Esprit TI, Thermal Cameras

  • Provide high-quality forensic images in extreme conditions
  • High contrast images ideal for threat detection and analytics

Intuitive platform to shorten response time with custom alerts and real-time visual notification and video.


The superior accuracy enabled by deep learning, improves the camera’s ability to easily categorize objects within the scene. It allows operators to quickly focus on situations needing immediate attention with faster response times.

Lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 70% while retaining image quality and critical information for forensic purposes.

VideoXpert Plates

Real-time license-plate monitoring, recognition and detection.



Lenel, Gallagher, and other leading providers serving the government market fully integrate with us offering to operators one single interface to manage all systems and helps for quicker investigations.

NavtechRadar AdvanceGuard

Provides accurate site and perimeter intrusion detection and manage operations from one single interface. 360° scanning sensors locate and track any potential intruder in complex and busy sites.

Migrate Safely

We take your existing infrastructure and leverages it to the latest technology, on a modern and fast user-centric VMS platform.

Seamless & Efficient Migration

A large number of government properties are still using Analog cameras and need to refresh their system while keeping existing data. They require a safe migration with no cybersecurity risk. Pelco takes your existing infrastructure and migrates to the latest technology, on a modern and fast user-centric VMS platform. System modernization will help deliver improved performance enabling users to quickly focus on situations needing immediate attention with faster response times.

Pelco has a proven migration program with a complete set of tools to support migration with a detailed process and risk contingency. Pelco migration is known for being easy and fast to deploy with minimal downtime and interoperability, it’s safe to migrate with fail-over setup for recording server.

All Federal Agencies have been tasked to increase their spending through GSA schedules. Every dollar spent under Pelco’s GSA Contract Schedule will count towards “Spend Under Management” goals.

GSA Schedule

It’s easy to do business with Pelco

As a trusted partner in the industry, Pelco simplifies the way we do business and supports federal, state and local government agencies as a long time provider to the government community and through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract.

Using a GSA contract offers numerous benefits to the Government customer. First it simplifies ordering procedures while offering flexibility. The buyer may automatically obtain price reductions and create blanket purchase agreements while meeting its social-economic goals. Additionally they may use their Government Purchase Card.

  • Pelco established GSA contract GS-07F9323S over 15 years ago and has attained a Tier 2 level.
  • Every purchase of Pelco product and services under Pelco GSA contract count on spend under management goals
  • Very wide spectrum of Government entities including state, local, regional, tribal can utilize Pelco GSA contract under cooperative buying. (GSA eligible agencies policy)
  • Pelco partners with small and small disadvantaged companies in their efforts to do business with the Government.



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