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In a business environment where technology and products seem to change almost overnight, it can be challenging for integrators and resellers to meet customer expectations. By leveraging Pelco's Field Services, you’ll gain access to a complete team of trained and certified professionals to assist with network and system design, configuration, auditing and onsite issue troubleshooting. These fee-based services are an outstanding way to ensure customer satisfaction, while saving valuable time and resources necessary to support complex, integrated systems.

Field Service Products

Audit Services


Gain the competitive edge and ensure video security projects get off to the right start with Pelco’s pre-project Audit Services. By meeting certification and accreditation standards, customers can rest assured their systems are working efficiently.

Configuration Services


Deploying a complex system can be both challenging and time consuming. The Pelco Professional Services team is available to make deployments more efficient, while ensuring configurations are built for optimized system performance.

Consultancy Services


Whether you require assistance for migrating an analog video security system to an IP solution, or you need step-by-step support to design and complete an entire project with Pelco video security products, help is just a phone call away with our consulting services.

Network Services


With IP‐focused video management solutions, optimizing network performance is critical. The Pelco Network Services team is trained and certified to offer network expertise in some of the most advanced video security installations, including the design of complex systems.

System Troubleshooting


Sometimes an installation or systems issue can be difficult to isolate and correct on your own. If you need extra help onsite to investigate the problem and develop a solution, the Pelco Troubleshooting team has extensive experience in this arena.

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