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VideoXpert Professional provides a video management system platform that seamlessly bridges the gap between mid-market and enterprise platforms by providing a superior user interface and robust feature set that customers demand. Ideal for small to mid-size installations up to 100 cameras, VideoXpert Professional installation is seamless and simple.

Uniquely designed with IT friendly windows and menus, users enjoy a familiar experience when using VideoXpert Professional.


As your business grows, VideoXpert Professional grows with you. VideoXpert Professional includes key powerful features traditionally reserved for an Enterprise class solution, in a compact and cost effective package. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice functionality. VideoXpert Professional not only meets the needs of today, but sets you up for success for tomorrow.

User Experience

VMS Systems shouldn’t be complex, and VideoXpert Professional is no exception. With VideoXpert Professional you don’t have to be the expert. Uniquely designed with IT friendly windows and menus, coupled with a “plug & play” installation, users enjoy a familiar experience.


We know that keeping your businesses efficient and operating smoothly is a top priority. Easy access to information is at your fingertips enables you to make fast, reliable, actionable decisions. Gone are the days of complex & overwhelming configurations. VideoXpert Professional features all non-client functions on a single machine, with everything included so you get the most out of your system.

The Pelco Video Management Difference

VideoXpert Professional is the ideal solution for applications up to 100 cameras. Available with three server options and single workstation, VxPro provides a robust all-in-one” solution with all non-client functions on a single machine so users enjoy the features and performance they need to control video with confidence.

Point of Sale

The integration of eConnect to VideoXpert enables Point of Sales capabilities to seamlessly capture real-time transactional data with video overlays. Users have access to live and recorded video for quick visibility to identify, track and respond to activities.


Agent Vi integration to VideoXpert provides real-time event detection of people, vehicles & static objects. Accessible via a single UI, users can analyze data from multiple sources. When an event is triggered, the user is presented with data and associated video to rapidly analyze, locate and retrieve video stored by VideoXpert, replacing manual video review.

Perimeter Detection

Xtralis' IntrusionTrace and LoiterTrace integrate to VideoXper to provide real-time alarming, monitoring and detection. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications, this solution enables high detection rates with reduced false alarms. The central monitoring of perimeter and remote applications provides operational efficiencies.

License Plate Recognition

The integration with PlateSmart’s ARES with VideoXpert enables operators to access all events and metadata captured by the license plate recognition (LPR) solution, through the unified Ops Center client, providing the benefit of monitoring real-time, historical and actionable license plate information.

Incident Management

The integration of iView Systems iTrak platform with VideoXpert unifies event data with associated video to deliver a centralized UI for incident and risk management. The integrated platform is intuitive and easy to use, enabling simplified incident investigation capabilities and incident file export.

Access Control

Lenel and VideoXpert combine expertise to deliver a unified access control and event management solution. With real-time event monitoring and the ability to view & control live and recorded video, this integration ensures the user know only knows about the event, but can also see associated video to make actionable decisions.

Download The Latest Version

VideoXpert Enterprise 3.19

Now available for download, Pelco VideoXpert 3.19 introduces added analytic event support for Crowd Detection and Object Left Behind to the Sarix Pro 3 Series camera and added ONVIF Profile S & T support for the ExSite Enhanced IR PTZ 2 Series camera. The upcoming cameras will include added support for temperature events from the Sarix Thermal Enhanced 4 Series camera and added ONVIF Profile S & T support for the Sarix Multi Enhanced. 

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Download Release Notes

Documents & Software Downloads

VxPro Hardware

VxPro Power 3 Server

VxPro Eco 3 Server

Desktop Workstation

Rackmount Workstation

Shared Display Decoder

VideoXpert Integration Services

The following are commonly used VideoXpert services for basic integrations, such as SNMP management and handling alarms from Modbus devices.

VxSNMP Agent Software v3.0

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Check on VMS and camera health.

VxSNMP Agent Quick Start Guide

pdf - 319 KB - v1.1

VxSNMP Agent Software v3.0

exe - 5.80 MB - v3.0

VxConnect Installer Software — v3.0.0 – 55

3.0.0 – 55

Ability to export video streams from VideoXpert Enterprise and/​or Pro systems to 3rd party clients. Offers customizable RTSP endpoints that allow a client application connect to a stream from a VideoXpert system that is relayed via the VxConnect service.

VxConnect Specification Sheet

pdf - 339 KB - v3.0.0

VxConnect User Manual

pdf - 613 KB - v3.0.0

VxConnect Installer Software - v3.0.0-55

msi - 5.45 MB - v3.0.0

ASCII Translator Configuration Tool User Manual- v1.0.0.13

Capable of listening for ASCII commands on a serial port / Ethernet port / both simultaneously.

ASCII Translator Software Download - v.

zip - 3.87 MB - v3.6.2.0-1

Pelco ASCII Integration Installation Manual - v3.6.2.0-1

pdf - 535 KB - v3.6.2.0-1

ASCII Translator Configuration Tool Software - v1.0.0.13

msi - 9.26 MB - v1.0.0.13

ASCII Translator Configuration Tool User Manual- v1.0.0.13

pdf - 400 KB - v1.0.0.13

Event Monitor Configuration User Manual

Event Monitor Service feature capable of polling for alarms from various devices and performing various actions when an alarm state change occurs.

Pelco Event Monitor Service Software v3.7.3.0

zip - 3.72 MB - v3.7.3.0

Pelco Event Monitor Service User Manual

pdf - 425 KB - v3.7.2.0

Event Monitor Configuration Tool Installer - v1.0.0.20

msi - 7.96 MB - v1.0.0.20

Event Monitor Configuration User Manual

pdf - 424 KB - v1.0.0.19

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