Sarix TI 2 Thermal Imaging Fixed

Detect, Recognize, And Identify People And Vehicles In Any Lighting Condition, Including Complete Darkness



Our most state-of-the-art thermal imaging system to date, Pelco’s Sarix Thermal Imaging Fixed Camera series are advanced compact thermal cameras with everything you need in one package without sacrificing image quality, detection capabilities, or features. It provides an open and integrated installation that is equipped with thermal and visible-light channels for day and night surveillance.


The Sarix TI uses an Uncooled ASi Microbolometer and advanced video processing to deliver high quality video. Additionally, the higher VGA resolution 640 x 480 provides more pixels on target for detecting distant objects so you can experience improved recognition and identification. Lastly, the Sarix TI sensors have high sensitivity. The noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) for the Sarix TI VGA is <40° mK, which allows you to differentiate threats that have a similar temperature to background.


With the addition of a high-definition visual light camera, the Sarix TI Fixed Camera is powered by a 720p HD CMOS sensor and an autofocus, fixed focal-length lens. This dual channel video delivers optimized day and night channels simultaneously in one compact, feature-rich camera. This provides you with two ways to monitor the scene for full situational awareness.


Choose among three feature areas to customize our platform for your unique surveillance needs.

  • Resolution: Choose between 640 x 480 (VGA) and 384 x 288 (QVGA+). The former option delivers more pixels on target for improved detection and identification in the same field of view.
  • Lens: Choices include 14mm, 35mm, or 50mm Flexible athermalized optics are ideal for analytics.
  • Frame rate: Choose between 8.3Hz or 25Hz.*

* US export options require that certain countries receive thermal imagers capped at 9Hz.


Experience flexible power solutions, from 12-32 VDC or POE (IEEE 802.3at), with just one easy-to-use cable connection for video, communication, and power (including standard communication, electrical, and mechanical interfaces). What’s more, Sarix TI is ONVIF profile S compliant, which ensures simple integration into new or existing installations.


Unmatched image processing algorithms provide enhanced contrast for analytics for better detection, classification, and recognition. Full features built in motion detection analytics automate critical tasks. Edge Enhancement enhances objects’ edges in the scene, which increases image sharpness; this helps boost detection capabilities. Regions of Interest allow you to highlight only the areas of the scene that are relevant to the image processing.

This will help improve the image definition by excluding areas of extreme heat or cold in the scene.


Capable of withstanding harsh weather and environmental conditions, Sarix TI is made to last. The operating temperature of this camera series ranges from -40°C to +55°C (-40° F to +131° F), and it is rated for up to +40°C at 95% relative humidity. It also boasts an IP66 rating, equivalent to NEMA 4X.


Sarix TI 2 Series Thermal Fixed IP Cameras

SKU: TI2314

Sarix TI Series Thermal Fixed Camera is designed to detect, recognize, and identify people and vehicles in any lighting condition, including complete darkness. Every Sarix TI Series Thermal Fixed Camera features both visible light and thermal channels in an integrated environmentally protected IP66 rated enclosure.

Features include:
  • HD visible light and VGA/QVGA thermal channels in one compact unit
  • Advanced thermal optics with 14 mm, 35 mm, and 50 mm lenses available
  • Built-in image processing algorithms and analytics
  • PoE and VDC flexible power options
  • Ruggedly designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions
  • Easy installation into new and existing infrastructures
  • IP Connectivity
  • ONVIF S Conformant
  • Full 3-Year Warranty and Support

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