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State-of-the-art thermal imaging security cameras

Pelco’s state-of-the-art CCTV and thermal IP security camera technology is ideal for high performance applications where constant situational awareness and threat detection for perimeter surveillance and high-value asset monitoring is mission critical. The VGA resolution enables operators and/​or analytics to reliably detect, classify and recognize a person or object in any lighting condition.

Automate critical tasks with edge analytics

Embedded Edge Analytics in thermal IP cameras enable intelligent monitoring and observing of threats by providing simple motion detection analytics that automate surveillance and alarms. This feature is critical for investigations and provides the following:

  • Region of Interest: highlight only the areas of the scene that are relevant to the image processing
  • Speed: tune the number of frames windows for speed of objects
  • Objects: manually determine object sizes

These features minimize costs and saves an operator’s time by allowing him to focus on real threats and investigate incidents in real-time. Furthermore, an operator can accurately monitor his environment.

Thermal Security Camera Series

Sarix TI Fixed Thermal IP Security Camera

Our most state-of-the-art thermal imaging system to date, Pelco’s Sarix Thermal Imaging Fixed Camera series are advanced compact thermal cameras with everything you need in one package without sacrificing image quality, detection capabilities, or features. It provides an open and integrated installation that is equipped with thermal and visible-light channels for day and night surveillance.

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