Pelco Fiber Rack Mounts

Wall-Mounted Racks for Fiber Optic, UTP and Encoder Modules



The EURACK/USRACK chassis is designed to hold up to 14 single-width fiber optic modules. The internal power supply is 4 RU high. The chassis is designed to mount into an EIA-standard, 48.26 cm (19-inch) rack. Optional single-width blank modules (RACK1B) can be inserted into empty module slots.

The EURACK/USRACK fiber card cage features automatic electronic current limiting at each module rather than limiting current
at the power supply. With this design, if a fiber module fault occurs, only the faulty module will shut down. All other modules within the rack will continue to operate unimpaired.

The automatic current limiting feature of the EURACK/USRACK is also self-resetting. This allows the unit to handle a temporary or intermittent fault or overload. Modules in the chassis are hot-swappable, allowing the rack to remain powered when removing or replacing modules.

Fiber Rack Mounts

pelco ethernet connect rack board

EURACK/USRACK Fiber Rack Mounts


Product Features

  • 4 Rack Units (RU) High
  • Mounts in a EIA-Standard 48.26 cm (19-Inch) Rack
  • Holds up to 14 Single-Width Fiber Optic Modules
  • Hot-Swappable Internal Power Supply
  • Voltage Transient Protection on All Power and Signal
    Input/Output Lines
  • Optional Blank Modules
  • Compatible with All FTV/FRV Series Modules

Technical Documents & Software

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