Pelco Mounts

Camera, Enclosure, Pan & Tilt, Legacy And Dome Mounts


Pelco Certified Mounts

Pelco Mounts come standard as aluminum based, featuring a feed-through opening to conceal electrical cables. They have a gray, polyester powered coat finish to match our pelco product offering. If you are looking for pole mounts, adapters, positioning pedestals, retrofits, corner mounts, and or legacy styled mount accessories, Pelco has all your accessory mount needs. View below our catalog of mounts.

Pelco mount types

Camera mounts

Camclosure Mounts

Ceiling, Corner, Pendant Mount

Esprit Mounts

Corner, Pedestal, Pole Wall Mount

WMVE Series Wall Mounts

Rugged wall mount for indoor and outdoor installations of Next Generation Sarix Enhanced cameras.

Enclosure mounts

EM1109 / EM2000 / EM2200 Series

Medium Duty Pipe, Pole Mount

EM2400 Series

Light Duty Wall Mount w/ Cable Feed-through

Other mounts

CM400 Series

Spectra and Legacy Corner Mount

PA402 Series

Spectra and Legacy Pole Mount

Pan & tilt mounts

PM2000/PM2010 Series

Heavy Duty Enclosure and Pan/Tilt Ceiling, Pedestal Mount

Dome mounts

IWM / IDM4018 Series

Spectra, DF5 and DF8 Dome Wall Mount

MRCA / MRWA Series

Dome or Monitor Ceiling, Wall Mount

SWM Series

Spectra and DF5 Dome Corner, Pole and Wall Mount

PP350 / PP351 / PP450 / PP451 Series

Spectra, DF5 and DF8 Dome Parapet Wall/Rooftop Mount

IDM4012 Series

Spectra Stainless Steel Wall Mount

Monitor Mounts

PMCL Series Monitor Mounts

Mounts for the PMCL 300/400/500 Series monitors include several wall and ceiling mounts. Three rack mounts are available for 300/400/500 Series monitors.

Technical documents & spec sheets

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