KBD5000 Keyboard

KBD5000 Keyboard

Full Functionality, Modular Controls, Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control


Pelco KBD5000 Series

The KBD5000 keyboard is optimized for surveillance requirements in controlling virtual matrix cameras. User feedback is provided through the VCD5202’s head-up display and built-in LED lighting on the keyboard. It is compatible with the Endura®-distributed IP video surveillance system and Endura-based DVRs. Limited functionality is available for the DS ControlPoint user interface and the Endura WS5200 client interface. The KBD5000 is configured with three control modules that can be rotated individually to provide ergonomic comfort for the operator.

These modules include:

• A variable speed, vector-solving joystick with keys for lens iris and focus control. The barrel-type joystick provides precise pan and tilt control of fixed speed and variable speed positioning systems. Twisting the joystick zooms the lens in and out. The joystick and control buttons are used for navigating the on-screen configuration menus of the compatible VCD5202.

• A jog dial/shuttle ring for playback and menu navigation. The jog/shuttle contains four illuminated function keys. Each key’s color
corresponds to the color of the icons displayed on the monitors linked to the user interface. This intuitive color matching design lets users navigate the on-screen menus without taking their eyes off of the video to read keyboard text labels.

• A keypad for camera and monitor control. Keys select cameras and
monitors and the number of cameras to view.

Product Types


KBD 5000 Keyboard Pelco controller

KBD5000 Keyboard

Desktop keyboard with control pods for full
switching and configuration capabilities, plus
joystick control of PTZ functions and
jog/shuttle playback control.

  • Controls Located on 3 Modules in the Keyboard
  • Modules Can Be Rotated to Suit User Preference
  • 1 Keyboard Can Control All System Cameras Through a VCD5202 Interface
  • Built-in USB Hub for Connection of Export Devices
  • Variable Speed, Vector-Solving Joystick for Precise Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Control
  • Jog/Shuttle for Playback Control and Menu Navigation
  • Keypad Call-Up of Cameras, Presets, and Patterns
  • Built-in Speaker

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