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Pelco is actively involved in technical and executive leadership in ONVIF which is an open industry forum that provides and promotes standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products. 

ONVIF is widely adopted and the primary means of integrating Pelco cameras with different non-Pelco video management systems. ONVIF camera standards are also primary means for integrating a wide range of video security cameras with Pelco VideoXpert. This includes cameras from AXIS, Bosch, Dahua, FLIR, Hanwha, Oncam, Sony, Vivotek, and other

Different Pelco products support different profiles. Details can be found in individual Pelco specification (spec) sheets and via the ONVIF conformant product listing. Profiles most commonly supported:

Profile S for basic video streaming over IP networks – Pelco cameras are sending devices and VideoXpert or a third-party VMS is a requesting or receiving client. Profile S also covers specifications for PTZ control, audio in, multicasting, and relay outputs for devices and clients that support these features.

Profile G for edge storage and retrieval for IP-based video systems – Pelco cameras with edge storage for recording video data are conformant Profile G and also S devices.

Profile M supports analytics configuration and information query for metadata, as well as filtering and streaming of metadata. It has interfaces for generic object classification, and specified metadata for geolocation, vehicle, license plate, human face and human body.

Profile T for advanced video streaming such as the use of H.264 and H.265 video compression. Profile T also covers ONVIF specifications for motion region configuration. Profile T is also complementary to Profile S.

We work closely with Genetec to ensure Pelco Cameras integrate well with Genetec Video Management Systems. Genetec now makes available test routines that enable us to self certify new Pelco Cameras on Genetec systems. Once this is complete we make available these results to Genetec and they update their website with these new Pelco cameras at the next available opportunity. Listed below are the new Pelco cameras we have tested with the Genetec test programs and communicated test results to them.

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