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About Genetec

Genetec is a pioneer in the physical security and public safety industry and a global provider of world-class IP license plate recognition (LPR), video surveillance and access control solutions to markets such as transportation, education, retail, gaming, government and more. With sales offices and partnerships around the world, Genetec has established itself as the leader in innovative networked solutions by employing a high level of flexibility and forward-thinking principles into the development of its core technology and business solutions. Genetec’s corporate culture is an extension of these very same principles, encouraging a dynamic and innovative workforce that is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge solutions and to exceptional customer care.

Solution Overview

Self Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion

We work close­ly with Genetec to ensure Pel­co Cam­eras inte­grate well with Genetec Video Man­age­ment Sys­tems. Genetec now makes avail­able test rou­tines that enable us to self cer­ti­fy new Pel­co Cam­eras on Genetec sys­tems. Once this is com­plete we make avail­able these results to Genetec and they update their web­site with these new Pel­co cam­eras at the next avail­able oppor­tu­ni­ty. List­ed below are the new Pel­co cam­eras we have test­ed with the Genetec test pro­grams and com­mu­ni­cat­ed test results to them.

Pelco Connect

This plug-in simplifies user experiences and exposes camera features within Genetec systems that are not part of a standard ONVIF integration. Users are exposed to innovative camera features in a seamless fashion within the VMS user interfaces. Explore the unique capabilities of Pelco cameras by utilizing analytics configurations and forensic search capabilities.


Genetec Integrations

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Pelco Connect for Genetec Installer v1.3.1.7

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Pelco Connect for Genetec Installation and Operation Guide

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