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The Pelco GFC Professional 4K camera enables security operators to identify clear detail in a large area with a single camera. You can use it for 24/7 surveillance operations, even in challenging lighting conditions. With H.265& Pelco smart compression advanced video compression technology organizations can also manage bandwidth and storage on a limited budget. 




An Affordable Package

This 4K camera supports H.265, the highest industry compression standard, and Pelco smart compression on both H.265 & H.264. Organizations receive high-resolution video while saving up to 85 percent on bandwidth and storage requirements, depending on the level of motion and light in scenes. . .

Improved Detection

By giving security operators a wider view and the ability to identify and digital zoom in on important details, detection of suspicious activity is improved. With category-leading low light capability, true wide dynamic range and IR illumination, you experience crystal clear image quality in all lighting conditions.

Operational Efficiency

The cameras are easy to install and maintain. they include a P-IRIS motorized lens, support three independent video streams, and have alarm and audio options. They operate in extreme temperatures, have multiple power supply options, and ISIP66 and IK10 rated.




Up to 4K/8MP Resolution in 30fps

A single GFC Pro 4K camera covers a wide area with high accuracy and clear detail. The installation and maintenance cost for one 4K camera is lower than using four 1080P fixed cameras, which means “Fewer Cameras, More Details.” For example, airports can rely on the digital zoom feature to accurately identify faces, license plates, and signs in drop-off lanes.

100db True Wide Dynamic Range

This feature brings out the detail in both very bright and dark areas to maximize visibility. It is especially useful in environments that have both dark and light areas in one scene. For example, security administrators in banks can clearly observe activity without glare from windows and entryways causing a problem.

Light Sensitivity and Illumination

Identify potential threats to people and assets in low light situations, down to a category-leading 0.2 lux at 30 FPS in color. After nightfall, the built-in IR Illuminator produces detailed B&W images in zero light. The adaptive IR Illuminator capability reduces overexposure that can hinder detection. Deploy at building entrances, loading docks, parking areas, and even dark indoor areas.

P-IRIS Motorized Lens

With a P-IRIS motorized lens, GFC Pro 4K makes it easier, faster and safer to install cameras in difficult to reach locations. Cameras can automatically set the iris position to enhance image quality in all lighting conditions, which results in quicker identification of people and incidents.

H.265 + Pelco Smart Compression

Pelco GFC Professional 4K supports H.265, the highest industry compression standard, and Pelco Smart Compression. This provides up to 85 percent savings on bandwidth and storage requirements depending on lighting and motion level in scenes. Organizations on a limited budget, like educational institutions, can benefit from the improved detection that comes with 4K resolution while saving on storage and bandwidth costs.

Three Independent, Configurable Streams

All three streams are configurable with video coding (H.265/H.264/MJPEG), resolution, and frame rate. Users can configure and use different streams for different applications to achieve the best results while saving money. For example, an organization can use a high resolution live stream for its local surveillance operator, a lower resolution secondary stream for recording purposes to save on storage costs, and an alternative stream for a casual viewer, remote viewing by law enforcement, or off-site archival recording (cloud).

Wide Temperature Range

This camera supports an operating temperature range between –40° to 60°C (–40°F to 162.5°F), and up to 65°C (149°F) at 4 hours/day. NEMA TS-2: 74°C (165.2°F) is the maximum ambient temperature. Organizations operating in locations with extreme temperature changes can use the Pelco GFC Professional 4K camera to record activity, regardless of weather conditions.

Audio and Alarm

This camera supports bi-directional audio with audio line-in and line-out. A built-in microphone is also included in dome camera. Alarm-in and alarm-out features are also available. These features allow organizations to make better decisions and respond more quickly thanks to, enhanced forensic analysis with video and audio. Operators can also interact and communicate with people near the camera.

Robust Construction

With a metal construction, this camera is safe in areas prone to tampering and vandalism, like correctional facilities and schools. Pelco GFC Professional 4K is also IK10-rated for impact resistance, and IP66-rated for water and dust protection.

Power Options

For convenience, one wire can be used to connect this camera, which helps security operators save time and installation costs. PoE+, 24VAC, and 12VDC options are available.

Local Storage

You can easily record video in local SDXC card while disconnected from VMS, and retrieve the video from edge to VMS when the network recovers. Valuable video feeds are no longer lost due to accidental or intentional network / bandwidth outages. Up to 256GB SDXC local storage is supported, which is important for remote locations, like cargo facilities and ground transportation.

ONVIF Profile S, G &Q Compatible

You can enjoy the convenience of one-stop shopping, easier service, support and troubleshooting with Pelco’s end-to-end solutions. GFC Pro 4K cameras work with VideoXpert on both H.264/H.265. They also work with Endura and Digital Sentry along with VxToolbox/DU. The cameras are ONVIF Profile S, G, Q compliant and support Pelco API, which enable them to work well with third-party VMS.


Product Types




With features like built in IR illumination, 3.5-10mm P-IRIS motorized lens, IK10, IP66, NEMA Type 4X rating and  –40° to 60°C operating temperature, Pelco GFC Professional 4K Bullet camera is ideal for outdoor application in all lighting conditions.


With features like built in microphone, IR illumination, 3.5-10mm P-IRIS motorized lens, IK10 & IP66 rating, –40° to 60°C operating temperature, Pelco GFC Professional 4K dome cameras are ideal for both outdoor and indoor application in all lighting condition. Outdoor dome camera is NEMA Type 4X compliant. 


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