Ethernet Over Coax UTP

As video surveillance systems need to expand upon or migrate from analog systems to IP networks, system engineers and installers can benefit using existing coaxial cable or twisted pair wiring for efficient cost savings. The Pelco EthernetConnect™ series of products offers a wide selection of Ethernet over coax/UTP solutions that allow users and installers to make use of existing coaxial cable and twisted pair copper wire as Ethernet transmission media.

The EthernetConnect Series supports up to 16 channels of 10/100 Mbps Ethernet with PoE+ power injection or pass- through PoE over coax or twisted pair cable (Cat5 or above). Having the ability to connect directly to a PoE+ source (midspan or switch) and to generate PoE+ power with a 48 volt input at either the master or remote end, the EthernetConnect Series provides ultimate flexibility for extending powered or non-powered IP cameras over long-distance copper wire types.


Ethernet Over Coax
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