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          Video Security Monitors and Surveillance Monitors

          Video Security and Surveillance Monitors

          With a unique understanding of the video security industry, Pelco by Schneider Electric specifically designs monitors with the needs of video security professionals in mind. This includes ensuring they have the ability to endure 24/7 usage and to produce the highly detailed images necessary for making security decisions. No other monitors keep up with these demands while delivering the latest in display technologies.

          Choose from our monitors below or visit our product portfolio for information about our security cameras, recording, and additional video security equipment.


          500BL Series 24- to 55-inch High Resolution 1080p LED Monitors

          High Resolution Security Monitors

          As camera technology improves, security professionals demand monitors to deliver HD image quality to the screen as well as reliability. Our new 500BL Series monitors with LED backlight technology exceeds this demand, complementing the investment customers are making in megapixel imaging while reducing energy consumption.


          400 Series High Bright LCDs - 17- and 19-Inch Models

          Pelco 400 Series High Bright LCD Security Monitors

          400 Series high-performance LCD monitors designed specifically for the security industry provide high-quality display of video or computer signals via multiple inputs. These 17- and 19-inch security monitors use a color thin film transfer (TFT) active matrix LCD panel that automatically adapts to the appropriate input resolution.


          300 Series Standard Bright LCDs - 17- and 19-Inch Models

          Surveillance Monitor Pelco 300 Series Standard Birght LCD Monitors

          Designed specifically for the security industry, these surveillance monitors provide high-resolution display (1280x1024) of computer signals and/or composite video.