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What is a Support Case Number and why is it required?

A Support Case Number is a unique code which identifies your support case in our business system. It is required to align your customer number, your case details and provide a link across all of our business systems in order to streamline the returns process. This makes the process of managing your account and processing your credit (where applicable) more efficiently.

How do I get a Support Case Number?

If you have already contacted Pelco Support, the case number will be assigned for you. If you haven’t contacted us, you can call our toll free number at (800) 2899100 to request an RMA for return purposes.

Is a Support Case Number mandatory to process a return?

Yes. In order to receive credit or initiate the repair process, you must receive a Support Case Number. This number must be visible on all packaging when your material is returned. Returns that are received without this number will be returned to the customer at their cost.

How long do I have to return my RMA?

You will have 30 days to return your product. However, RMA’s will remain active in our system for a period of 90 days. This allows for additional transit time for international shipments. After this period, the RMA will be removed from our system. You will need to start the process over again if your product is returned more than 90 days after the initial request in our system.

What is a Return Merchandise Authorization Request?

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Request generates a reference number that links the return record to the physical product received from the customer.

Why do I need an RMA Number?

An RMA number helps our Service team to properly identify and deliver the unit to the correct technician, call up the appropriate notes and ensure that the serviced unit is returned to the correct address.

What information will I be asked to provide?

In addition to basic contact information, we also ask for billing and ship-to addresses. Importantly, we ask for model and serial numbers to establish whether or not the product is covered under warranty. We also ask for you to provide us with a general overview of the issues you are experiencing to ensure the technician is fully aware of the specific problem.

What should I do prior to requesting an RMA Number?

Before returning your unit for service, please ensure that all appropriate troubleshooting has been completed. Troubleshooting assistance is available through our Knowledgebase on pel​co​.com, by emailing us at techsupport@​pelco.​com or by calling Technical Support at (800) 2899100.

I was unable to generate an RMA Number online. What should I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience but rest assured that you can still call us directly, toll free, at (800) 2899100 and speak with a Technical Support Representative. Or please feel free to email us at serviceusa@​pelco.​com.

What should I do before returning the product?

Once you have received an RMA Number and are ready to send your unit in for repair, please note the following:

  • Do not return accessories (cables, disks, manuals, etc.).
  • Software and firmware are not automatically upgraded. If an upgrade/​downgrade is desired, please submit a specific request.
  • If a disk replacement is needed, the data from the old disk is not automatically copied. As necessary, please export any video from your unit’s disks before returning the unit for repair. Upon request we can copy the data and initiate data recovery on damaged disks. This, however, is not covered under warranty and successful data retrieval cannot be guaranteed. A quote will be provided for this service if requested. A minimum fee of $250 will apply.

Am I able to track the status of my return?

When you receive an RMA number, you can choose to receive a series of email notifications that advise you as to the status of your return, including receipt by the factory and return shipment information.

What steps should I take in packing the product for return to ensure that damage does not occur in transit?

  • Before packing the product, please ensure that movable parts have been restrained (the camera module in Spectra Domes, for example) to prevent them from breaking during transport.
  • Ideally, use the original packaging materials in which the product was shipped from the factory. If, however, these are unavailable, select suitable packaging, taking both the outer and filler material into consideration based on the weight and sensitivity of the product you are shipping.
  • Single wall, corrugated fiberboard boxes can be used for lesser-weight products, such as cameras or lenses; dual wall corrugated fiberboard boxes are suitable for medium weight products such as Spectra Domes; and tri-wall corrugated fiberboard boxes are needed for heavier products, including Esprit Positioning Systems or DVRs.
  • Do not ship multiple units in one package unless inner boxes are used to protect each individual product.
  • The outer box should leave adequate room around the product for filler material to absorb shocks. We suggest two inches on all sides for a lesser-weight product; three inches for a medium weight product; and four inches on all sides for heavier products.
  • As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call Service and Repair at (800) 2899100 or send us an email at serviceusa@​pelco.​com.

What is the standard policy regarding Firmware Upgrades?

Firmware upgrades have the potential to alter the behavior of a product. Sometimes, this is desirable. Sometimes, this causes havoc in a system. Since repair centers are usually unaware of the environment in which the product is to operate, firmware upgrades are only done when specifically requested by the customer or when the repair of a product requires a new processor module. In the latter case, the new hardware will most likely not be compatible with the older firmware and therefore an upgrade MUST be performed, in which case the latest software will be used.

Note: If Firmware is upgraded, the information will be listed on the repair invoice to ensure the customer is aware of the change.

How much will my return cost?

A service cost estimate can be obtained through serviceusa@​pelco.​com for approximate changes based on products symptoms. However, these approximations are subject to change pending technical review. A product is required to be shipped to a Pelco Authorized Service Center with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number for diagnosis and repair purposes. Labor rate vary by location. Please contact your local authorized service center for further Information.

List of authorized service centers can be found on the link below


Note** Diagnostics Fee will apply for the units returned for evaluation**

What is the average turnaround time on a Return?

Items submitted for service are typically completed within 3 business days. Turnaround time may vary based on the total number of items submitted for service. If items require to be returned in less than 3 days, expedited services are available. Fees may apply. Expedited Service must be specified when repair request is submitted.

What if I do not accept the cost estimate provided by Pelco?

Items submitted for service require customer authorization. If authorization to service and/​or estimated cost to service is not approved by the submitter, one of the following actions will be initiated:

a) Product will be returned to sender, at the submitter’s expense


b) Product will be scrapped (onsite) within 30 days from original date of request for authorization.

Note: Diagnostic Fee will apply per item in both options.