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Pelco, A Motorola Solutions Company

has been assessed for conformance with the provisions set forth by

Design Standards

Many Pelco IP cameras carry the IK 10 rating, which means they have been tested to ensure protection against severe impact. Several of our vandal-resistant cameras are highlighted below. Pelco high security cameras carry an IK10++ rating that can withstand an impact of up to 50 Joules.

Designed for Safety

At Pelco, customer safety is a top priority. Our design standards focus around safety and effectively uses fault tree analysis (FTA). Fault tree analysis is one of the most widely used methods for safety analysis and is a fundamental requirement for Pelco’s engineering team throughout product development.

Designed for Quality

The use of Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) from a product’s inception and throughout the product’s development ensures that we effectively evaluate all potential failures starting with our customer’s expectations, the product’s design, manufacturability and logistics. Quality by design is attained when accurately evaluating the potential failures from conducted FMEAs and strong corrective actions are executed.

Designed for Reliability

“Quality is the degree to which something is fit for purpose, Reliability is how well something maintains its quality over time in a variety of real world conditions.” Pelco’s biggest turnaround in recent years has been the successful deployment of best practices, including design margin analysis, useful life analysis and mean time between failure analysis. Much of this work performed before the product is even developed is later verified using a variety of tests such as HALT/HASS, Salt Fog/Spray, and THB testing.

Designed for Serviceability

We understand the investment our customers make when purchasing Pelco products and the inherent expectation of having our products repaired rather than replaced after years of use. We design our products with serviceability in mind to ensure fast and efficient repairs, continued parts availability and in field serviceability. Our goal when taking serviceability into is low cost of ownership for our customers.

Offer Safety And Quality Alerts


A recent customer escalation has prompted the quality team to issue a Quality Alert to our Distributors and post a notice on our company website. All the units at our Distribution Centers have been inspected, and a design improvement has been implemented at the manufacturing plant to prevent possible further occurrences.


Esprit Pedastal Plate

Pelco has received reports of a potential issue with the Esprit Pedestal Plate (EPP) that may under certain circumstances result in the Esprit Positioning System breaking free from the EPP.

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