Covertly Captures Mission-Critical Detail


Pelco’s Spectra Professional series are rugged outdoor cameras that illuminate areas of interest above the horizon in poorly lit situations. With the highest industry compression standard available, the Spectra IR cameras are designed for use in 24x7 surveillance applications, such as waterways, runways, roadways, and bridges.


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Two models to suit your application



Spectra Pro IR 4K

Pelco's widest field-of-view Spectra PTZ ever. Maximum resolution for pulling details out of big areas.


Spectra Pro IR - 2MP LL with WDR

Excellent low light and true WDR performance for your most demanding lighting situations.


4K or WDR: Spectra Pro IR has you covered


4K PTZ Camera Overview Videos


IR Illumination


The IR light zooms itself automatically to illuminate any areas of interest. This capability is especially important for crime prevention in poorly lit spaces.

The infrared illumination (IR) has proportional brightness based upon zoom, creating visible pictures without any light up to 150 m from the camera.

The IR wavelength is 850 nm giving an almost undetectable light source in locations where visible light is undesired or light pollution is regulated.


H.265 Compression

As Pelco’s first Spectra series to include the highest industry compression standard, the Spectra Professional IR cameras are designed for use in 24x7 surveillance applications for reducing bandwidth and storage needs.


Video Encoding

Spectra Pro IR series provides three methods of video encoding:

  • H.265 Main Profile,
  • H.264 High/Main/Baseline Profiles


Digital Image Stabilization

This aspect not only reduces blurring associated with camera motion, but also maintains a smooth image when surveilling bridges affected by continuous vehicle movement, on top of poles with sway, or in windy areas.


Round-the-Clock Look-Up Capabilities 


This camera represents Pelco’s first offering with look-up capabilities in the Spectra Professional line. Combined with automated infrared zoom and digital image stabilization, the Spectra IR opens opportunities previously untapped to monitor events that occur + 15°  above the horizon line, all day and all night.


This look-up feature is important for surveillance of bridges, seaports, and sporting venues where above-the-horizon views are required.


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