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Intelligent Solutions to Make Cities Safer

Keeping an entire city protected and running smoothly is an enormous task. Pelco’s comprehensive surveillance solutions help improve collaboration and cooperation between city agencies, streamline emergency management, facilitate faster investigations, and improve engineering plans for traffic flow. This leads to stronger security and continued growth in cities around the globe.

Intelligent Solutions

A comprehensive security strategythat encompassestechnology is critical to meeting safe city application challenges such as safety concerns, crime and threats, collaboration between multiple stakeholders and delivering a better quality of lifefor itscitizens.Pelco offers cities a complete security technology suite, including video surveillance, access control through third party integrations, video analytics, and license plate recognition among others –that help build an urban environment that ensures the safety and security of its residents while fostering future opportunitiesand growth.

Safer Cities

People want to live where they feel safe and Pelco’s solutions equip cities with customizable solutions that can keep residents and visitors safe. Solutions such as real-time alerts that guide emergency services and industry-leading cameras with unmatched high image quality that can capture forensic images in poor and varied lighting conditions.

Improved Collaboration

When public safety is at risk, and real-time decision-making is required, cities demand a proactive approach to security and safety. Pelco’s secure platforms, enables cities to easily and quickly access and share valuable information with authorized parties and agencies to drive a more proactive response to potential security threats and improve its citizens quality of life.

Operational Efficiency

By combining video surveillance cameras with intelligent tools such as video analytics and third-party platforms, security officials can easily identify criminal suspects, uncover potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with government regulations. Pelco further drives operational effectiveness for cities through its open and scalable platform which seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure.

Technology That Goes Further

Cities rely on video surveillance as a deterrent and an investigative tool, especially in areas with significant criminal activity. The use of video as a law enforcement tool has given many neighborhoods previously plagued by crime new life as thriving communities. Video surveillance is a powerful force multiplier, providing live or archived video of any incident and enabling new levels of intelligent response to ensure a safe environment.
Pelco's security management and intelligent video surveillance technologies go beyond just physical product, to provide users with a multi-disciplined security approach to their application needs.

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Optera Multi-Sensor Panoramic Cameras

Optera 180⁰, 270⁰, and 360⁰ cameras are the next best thing to being in the middle of the scene itself, offering a natural continuous panoramic viewing experience and intuitive immersive views. Take in the whole panoramic scene and simultaneously drill down into crisp detailed immersive views where you can pan, tilt, and zoom to your areas of interest.

Sarix Enhanced Fixed IP Cameras

Sarix™ Enhanced Range cameras provide the most robust feature-set for your mission-critical applications. With SureVision™, Sarix Enhanced delivers the best possible image in difficult lighting conditions such as a combination of bright areas, shaded areas, and intense light.

Spectra Enhanced PTZ IP Cameras

Our Spectra family of cameras are designed to handle a broad range of lighting conditions while always delivering sharp footage. This series of cameras are designed to quickly, accurately and reliably extract actionable security information. The latest generation comes with Pelco Enhanced Analytics suite enabling users to quickly focus on situations needing immediate attention for faster response times.

VideoXpert Enterprise Video Management System

VideoXpert Enterprise is a customizable and scalable video management system that allows you to see what you want, when you want it. It supports tens of thousands of cameras across multiple continents and can be optimized with Pelco hardware or seamlessly integrated with third-party hardware. It is always backed by an unparalleled level of support.

Evolution 180° & 360⁰ Fisheye Panoramic Cameras

Evolution cameras provide total situational awareness, the wall-mounted 180 ° 12MP camera provides unmatched clarity for eye-level surveillance and the 360º 12MP and 5MP camera provides uninterrupted 360º field of view with no blind spot. The 360 comes in a wide range of form-factors from indoor to rugged stainless-steel option and are both easy and quick to install.

Esprit Enhanced IP Specialty Camera

Pelco’s top of the line IP performance camera provides an integrated package that offers responsive, high-definition, high-speed positioning capabilities, outstanding weather protection, and ease-of-installation. This robust and reliable camera is a top of the line in IP performance.

Integrated Technologies

Automatic License Plate Recognition: VXPlates

Pelco's license plate software enables access control for parking lots, compares plate reads to user lists to identify VIPs or suspicious vehicles, and generally provides visibility to the vehicle traffic in an area.

Facial Recognition: RecFaces Id-Me

Id-Me provides human face detection and operators can be notified of specific visitor presence from a pre-defined list along with a notification of unauthorized visitors in specific areas.

Perimeter Detection: NavTech Radar AdvanceGuard

AdvanceGuard displays alarms in a beautiful user interface, so users can respond to incoming alerts quickly and efficiently.



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