Oil & Gas

Comprehensive Video Surveillance Solutions For Oil And Gas Organizations


Intelligent Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil and gas organizations are constantly seeking ways to lower operational risk, boost productivity, ensure workplace safety, increase security, and comply with regulations. Pelco's real-time video security solutions are essential for protecting oil and gas operations for upstream, downstream, and midstream businesses.

Intelligent Solutions

IP video cameras designed for extreme environments, combined with intelligent video management systems, meet the challenges of exploration and energy production companies.

Reduce Risk

The disruption of a main energy source anywhere in the world could be disastrous. IP-based video surveillance solutions designed for harsh conditions provide flexible, scalable protection.

Regulatory Compliance

Oil and gas companies often have regulatory requirements for environmental protection, safety and hazardous materials. Video security solutions help upstream, midstream, and downstream companies around the globe maintain regulatory compliance.

Real-Time Responsiveness

Fires, explosions, and frigid temperatures put lives at risk. Real-time alerts and the ability to analyze video data remotely enable operators to proactively detect threats and anomalies, identify potential vulnerabilities, and guide emergency responses.

Enhance Security

Pelco delivers video security solutions that enable oil and gas organizations to prevent, respond to and investigate security incidents quickly and efficiently. Integration with other security, IT and business systems allows for easy expansion as facilities are added or security risks change.

Improve Operations

Energy providers can gather intelligent data to drive operational efficiencies and support machinery maintenance using video surveillance tools. Sensor alarms and readings can be visually confirmed with video data to reduce risks, repair costs and service interruptions.

Increase Safety

Innovative video solutions help ensure the health and safety of employees, while simultaneously safeguarding infrastructure and assets. Zoom-in camera capabilities allow supervisors to view details remotely before dispatching personnel.

Optera Multi-Sensor Panoramic Cameras

180⁰ , 270⁰ , and 360⁰ panoramic and intuitive immersive views Seamless stitching, WDR, low-light performance

Sarix Enhanced Fixed IP Cameras

The best possible image in difficult lighting conditions such as a combination of bright areas, shaded areas, and intense light Designed with superior reliability, fault tolerance, and processing speed

Spectra Enhanced PTZ IP Cameras

High definition IP dome positioning system Low light and image defog capabilities

VideoXpert Enterprise Video Management System

Shorten response time with custom alerts and real-time visual notification and video.

Explosion-Proof IP Cameras

Explosion-proof camera system High reliability Full HD Fixed And PTZ IP systems

Esprit Enhanced IP Specialty Camera

Standard and pressurized models 30X optical zoom, WDR, low-light performance For tough environmental conditions

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