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Video Surveillance Solutions for Corrections

From maximum-security prisons to county jails, video surveillance systems are an essential tool for improving safety at correctional facilities. Tamper-resistant, fixed, and panoramic IP cameras provide coverage from cell to perimeter. IP video management solutions provide real-time alerts and analytics to make it easier for correctional officers to do their jobs.

Integrated Solutions

Pelco integrated solution act as a force multiplier, it helps maintain order while ensuring a safe environment. Combination of VMS and analytics allow accurate detection, automatically sending alert to the operator to rapidly respond to incidents and perform real-time investigations, all from a central location.

Increase Safety and Compliance

In sensitive areas such as correctional facilities, staff needs to ensure data are safely stored with no cybersecurity breach. Video surveillance system help protect inmates and staff detecting suspicious activity and provide real-time alerts from a safe location. Panoramic cameras eliminate gaps in coverage, so responding officers can see the entire scene. IP cameras help correctional facilities meet PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) compliance by providing camera coverage for blind spots.

Facilitate Operations and Maintain Order

Corrections facilities are faced with heightened situations with inmates often breaking into arguments and fights. Having a tightly integrated solution like Pelco's VMS with an extensive line of cameras to catch and record incidents provides much needed help to Operators who must keep an eye on multiple areas within the facility. The ability for VMS to integrate with other services such as perimeter detection and facial recognition provides operators with a single, unified system.

24/7/365 Solution

Prisons are sensitive and highly regulated environments. Operators cannot miss any incident, they need to actively monitor every area while ensuring it is constantly recording. Pelco‘s video management system has a redundant system architecture with failover and load balancing ensuring no down time. Easy-to-use and install, operators are immediately operational. The system assures low maintenance and repair and if an issue arises, Pelco global and local support will quickly take ownership of the problem.

Solving your challenges

Prevent Violence between Inmates and Staff

Video surveillance helps reduce violence between inmates and inmates against staff. It also reduces escape attempts and increase overall safety. Pelco offers a full spectrum of cameras for a complete coverage. It includes corner mount cameras that can be safely placed in cells as well as fisheyes with uninterrupted 360º field of view with no blind spots.

Minimize Contraband

The ability to view multiple angles of a situation from a safe location improves decision-making and responsiveness. Pelco’s unmatched high-quality video captures forensic quality images to capture details in any conditions. Our video management system allows to scan quickly live and recorded video identifying and tracking inmates’ suspicious activities.

Seamless & Efficient Migration

It is crucial to have full situational awareness with no blind spots recording 24/7.  Corrections facilities require safe migration of old systems while maintaining integrity of data with no cybersecurity risks. Pelco takes your existing infrastructure and migrates to the latest technology, on a modern and fast user-centric VMS platform. System modernization helps deliver improved performance enabling users to quickly focus on situations needing immediate attention with faster response times.


Featured Products

A high security corner mounted camera intended for comprehensive coverage of small/medium size spaces where there are high-risk patients, threats of vandalism, or self-harm.

pelco sarix ip fixed next generation camera group shot

Our Sarix Enhanced 3 cameras are designed to handle a broad range of lighting conditions and to quickly, accurately, and reliably extract actionable security analytics via our AI-powered Advanced Analytics Suite.

optera multi-sensor panoramic ip pelco camera

Optera 180⁰, 270⁰, and 360⁰ cameras provide a full situational awareness with a seamless panoramic viewing experience and intuitive immersive views that competitive offerings simply cannot match.

The wall-mounted Evolution 180° 12MP camera provides unmatched clarity for eye-level surveillance. This fisheye lens enables a dewarped panoramic view that is optimized for capturing the area of greatest interest.

VideoXpert is open and integrated with unique capabilities such as quick investigation in one single unified interface. Its redundant System Architecture with failover and load balancing ensures no down time in any situation.

Accelerate investigations by searching and filtering people and object of interest by appearance similarity, apparel, color, size.


Seamless Situational Awareness

Pelco Camera Link

Seamless panoramic coverage with Optera for total situational awareness while the Spectra Enhanced with 30x optical zoom goes in for detail and tracks objects automatically.

Optimized Bandwidth & Storage

Pelco’s Smart Compression and H.265

Lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 70% while retaining image quality and critical information for forensic purposes.

Best-in-class Image Quality

Next Generation SureVision

Combines advanced low-light capability, true wide dynamic range (WDR), and anti-bloom capabilities into one surveillance solution.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

VideoXpert Plates

Real-time license-plate monitoring, recognition and detection.



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