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Intelligent Security Solutions for Airports

Airports are complex and dynamic facilities that are exposed to threats, in part due to its high foot traffic as well as its structure: multiple terminals, wide spaces, vast perimeter and many ingress and egress points. It requires a robust security posture with a reliable video management system to manage operations efficiently and share information in real-time with the varied stakeholders.

Integrated Airport Solutions

Pelco's integrated video surveillance solutions for airports provide situational awareness, operational effectiveness and improve emergency responsiveness. Our easy-to-use technology allows airport personnel to visually monitor the entire airport, from perimeter to terminal, even in harsh weather conditions or any time of day.

Improve Passenger Experience

Air travel is stressful. Pelco helps you make passenger’s journeys seamless using the latest technology to reduce wait times at choke points: check-in, baggage drop, security, boarding, saving time for entertainment and also detect lost luggage, locate individuals and deter criminals throughout the airport.

Provide True Situational Awareness

Pre and Post-TSA Coverage

Multiple buildings, large perimeter and a high number of ingress and egress points make airports vulnerable with constant threat of attack and suspicious activities. Pelco has a full range of cameras to cover every situation, decrease blind spots and deliver exceptional image quality for evidence.

Expand Capabilities Through Integrated Security

Pelco's open video management system connects to third parties for superior interoperability and collaboration. Integrating data from cameras, video analytics, live maps linked to perimeter detection systems, ground radars, gunshot detection and access control systems into a single unified view.

Leverage Collaboration

Collaboration between first responders and other departments drives new levels of intelligence and operational efficiency across the organization. Pelco video management system's collaboration capabilities allow users to share information with any stakeholder in real-time for powerful investigation resulting in a safe and secure environment.

Solving your challenges


Prevent Theft and Vandalism

Pelco's video management system enables operators to quickly search for incidents across multiple cameras in one interface. Its unique collaboration capabilities allow operators for quick replay, export and easily share evidence in real-time with other entities.


Detect Crowd Formation

The ability to anticipate and proactively respond to choke points, crowd patterns and foot-traffic that flows through airport facilities is critical to passenger security and safety. Pelco provides solutions that detect queue length and alert operators of crowd formation through our integrated analytics suite and video management system.


Baggage Management

Our with analytics software enables operators to perform investigations quickly and easily through people tracking. In situations of stolen luggage to validate a stolen claim, an operator can monitor the individual’s activity before and after the the reported incident, quickly identify the location of the stolen item, and narrow down a suspect.


Control Unauthorized Entries

Crowded airports can lead to security breaches, such as re-entry in secure areas. Pelco provides operators with real-time alerts that are triggered by directional motion detection with our edge Analytics.


Keep Perimeter Safe

Pelco’s Advanced Analytics and Thermal cameras, coupled with our Plug-in Integration technology, provides a robust level of protection expanding coverage to the perimeter.


Parking Management

The use of ALPR with Pelco's Video Management System gives actionable data in parking lots by linking license plate information, with time-stamped ticketing data and video visual of any potential issues.

Compliance & Certifications


  • NIST
  • FIPS 140-2
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Transport Layer Security

Country of Origin

In accordance with needs of customers in some segments and countries, Pelco offers include products that comply with US TAA regulations as well as COO US products.


Trusted by US Government and government around the world. 100% of our products are NDAA compliant.

  • Trade Agreement Act or Country of Origin US
  • National Defense Authorization Act
  • Pelco GSA Contract GS-07F-9323S

Highly reliable system with intuitive user experience

Immediate Attention. Faster Response Times

Our VideoXpert VMS is open and integrated with unique capabilities such as quick investigation in one single unified interface. In addition, the enhanced analytics suite helps operators to rapidly focus on situations needing immediate attention for faster response times.

Intuitively designed, it is easy to expand, search cameras and export clips. It is built with instinctive workflows and advanced search capabilities so new users are rapidly trained and immediately operational.

Its redundant System Architecture with failover and load balancing ensures no down time in any situation.

Our easy-to-use video management system allows security professionals to easily see what they need to see, when they want to see it.

Featured Products


Best-in-class PTZ dome capturing critical details in fast moving scenes and challenging lighting conditions. AI-powered analytics enable people in zone detection and object classification while improving accuracy and minimize operator's response time.

Optera 180⁰, 270⁰, and 360⁰ cameras provide a full situational awareness with a seamless panoramic viewing experience and intuitive immersive views that competitive offerings simply cannot match.

Provide high-quality forensic images with enhanced contrast images to improve threat detection and recognize people in extreme conditions, including complete darkness.


Collaboration between multiple entities and terminals becomes possible: in one single interface you can manage VideoXpert video stream access and permissions for external/third-party systems.

Pelco Advanced Analytics Suite

Crowd gathering and spacing near doors and points of entry create opportunities for site breach. Pelco and our partners can provide solutions and active alerting to combat this critical need.

HALO is a security device for privacy areas and an environmental monitoring tool. Its vaping and THC detection capabilities are gaining global attention to combat vaping in non-smoking areas.

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Seamless Situational Awareness

Pelco Camera Link

Seamless panoramic coverage with Optera for total situational awareness while the Spectra Enhanced with 30x optical zoom goes in for detail and tracks objects automatically.

Optimized Bandwidth & Storage

Pelco’s Smart Compression and H.265

Lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 70% while retaining image quality and critical information for forensic purposes.

Best-in-class Image Quality

Next Generation SureVision

Combines advanced low-light capability, true wide dynamic range (WDR), and anti-bloom capabilities into one surveillance solution.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

VideoXpert Plates

Real-time license-plate monitoring, recognition and detection.


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