Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

Video Cameras Designed to Handle Extreme Weather


Cameras for Extreme Weather Conditions

Wind, rain, lightening, snow, fog and hail cause life-threatening situations. Pelco has over 6 decades of experience building quality cameras that withstand the harshest of elements with the intention of keeping our communities safe. Investing in quality cameras that are built to withstand extreme weather means less repair and replacement costs for you.

Mitigate Risk

Crime doesn’t stop due to bad weather. With weatherproof video security cameras in place, continuous video data helps reduce and solve crimes, which ultimately lowers your risk posture and keeps people safe.

Designed for Extreme Temperatures

Robust outdoor models have much more comprehensive operating temperature ranges up to -60°C to 60°C (-76º –140ºF). Some models operate at very low temperatures with heaters and blowers that also enable low temperature cold starts and deicing. They are certified to a full set of demanding standards so that they can survive not only precipitation, but direct hose-downs without damage.

Defense Against the Elements

Pelco’s cameras are designed to handle extreme weather, with features like low light, motion detection, and anti-fog lenses that enhance the ability to provide clear, reliable video. Cameras come with fortified mounts that provide reliable protection against strong wind gusts, and are also designed to withstand ingress of moisture and rain.

Remotely Monitor and Respond

Cameras designed to handle extreme weather combined with real-time alerts and the ability to analyze video data remotely enable operators to detect threats and anomalies, identify potential vulnerabilities and guide emergency responses.

Product Offerings

ExSite® Enhanced Explosion-Proof Camera System

High Reliability, Full HD Fixed And PTZ IP Systems

pelco exsite enhanced ip with fixed camera front shot


Explosion-proof Camera System: High Reliability, Full HD Fixed IP Systems

  • Up to 1920 x 1080p Resolution Wide Dynamic Range (WDR),
    30x zoom lens, and Superb Low light Performance
  • Dual Stream H.264 IP Video with Smart Compression
  • Rated to Operate from -60 to +60° C while in Compliance to T6
    Surface Temperature (<85° C) Hazardous Location Regulations
  • 316L Billet Stainless Steel Electro Polished Construction
  • Standard IP Ethernet Connection and Integrated Transmission
    Options including Fiber, Ethernet over Coax, and UTP Extension


ExSite Enhanced PTZ (2)

PTZ & IR Illuminator Option

Explosion-proof Camera System: High Reliability, Full HD PTZ IP Systems with Variable Zoom IR Illuminator.


Includes Features in ''Fixed'', including the following:

  • Extremely Reliable Pan/Tilt Direct Drive Motion Control System
  • Upright or Inverted Installation with Automatic Orientation Detection
  • Low Latency Electronics for Improved Pan/Tilt Driveability and Safety
  • Vari-zoom IR Illuminator Option with 200 Meter Range


Esprit® Enhanced Series IP PTZ Positioning Systems

Standard, with PTZ, & IR Illuminator Option

Pelco’s iconic Esprit® Series positioning system provides best-in-class image quality and pan/tilt performance. Esprit Enhanced provides the total package of impressive image quality, valuable software features, and time-tested pan/tilt performance suitable for any installation environment.

Optera Series

Using the right coverage while using less equipment.

pelco optera camera black dome angled
pelco optera camera black dome angled
pelco optera 360 profile eplanation image icon
pelco optera 360 profile eplanation image icon

OPTERA™ 360°



Optera 360º cameras provide detailed video of multiple locations with a stitched and blended display that fully immerses you into the scene.

pelco optera camera black dome angled
pelco optera camera black dome
pelco optera 360 profile eplanation image icon
pelco optera 270 profile eplanation image icon

OPTERA™ 270°



Seamless panoramic viewing experience and intuitive immersive views that competitive offerings simply cannot match.

pelco optera camera black dome angled
pelco optera camera hero image
pelco optera 360 profile eplanation image icon
pelco optera 180 profile eplanation image icon

OPTERA™ 180°



Optera 180⁰ cameras have four image sensors with a 4.8 mm fixed lens for wide area coverage of a horizontal scene, offering intuitive immersive views that competitive offerings simply cannot match.

Sarix Enhanced 3 Series

Pelco’s Sarix Enhanced 3 Fixed IP cameras provide a broad range of spaces with higher resolutions, advanced analytics, and a wider breadth of coverage.

pelco sarix enhanced 3 dome side shot

Sarix Enhanced Series 3 Dome


Mini-Dome Indoor | Mini-Dome Outdoor

The indoor domes feature microphones, and in addition to holding an IK10++ 50 J impact rating, all dome models also include 50M+ adaptive IR and RAL 9003 lighter color.

pelco sarix enhanced 3 bullet camera group

Sarix Enhanced Series 3 Bullet


Bullet Outdoor IR

The bullet models offer 50M+ adaptive IR with a rugged IK10 rating and outstanding ingress coverage.

pelco sarix enhanced series box lookup shot

Sarix Enhanced Series 3 Box



The box models include P-Iris and i-CS lenses for remote zoom and more accurate focus control.

Spectra® Enhanced Series IP PTZ Domes

S7230L, S7818L

7 PTZ IP Cameras are the latest product evolution in the legacy Spectra family providing fast and accurate pan and tilt with two options:

  • 18X optical zoom, up to 4K 30 FPS video,
  • 30X optical zoom, up to 2 MP 60 FPS video,


with next generation SureVision and AI-powered advanced analytics.

Lighting Accessories

To increase megapixel camera performance in low-light situations and to reduce bandwidth-consuming night scene video noise, choose from a range of Pelco IR and white light illumination options.

  • Individual Infrared and White Light LED Illumination
  • Perfect for fixed and PTZ camera installations
  • Interchangeable lenses for addressing wide or narrow illumination

Use Cases

The heavily regulated gaming industry requires high quality video security solutions. Casinos around the world need intelligent IP video security solutions to help decrease fraud, control liability issues,comply with regulations, and ensure customer safety expectations are met. From the flashing lights of slot machines to low lights in parking areas, extreme lighting conditions require video cameras designed to adapt automatically and to stay compliant with industry regulations while protecting your employees, customers, cash and property.

Keeping traffic flowing 24/7/365 requires cameras that can adapt to all lighting conditions. Traffic managers need to be able to monitor vehicles and pedestrians through bright sunlight, glare, low lights, shade, and darkness. Having clear, crisp images in all lighting conditions in order to respond to traffic flow challenges, accidents, and weather-related issues is essential. Pelco cameras also feature video analytics that alert operators of accidents and hazardous conditions to ensure rapid responses that can save lives.

With so many areas to be monitored, a robust network of video cameras and analytical tools is essential for keeping airport operations running smoothly. Exterior areas –from perimeter to parking lots to hangers – often have extreme light and dark sections in the same scene. Having video cameras that automatically balance colors and images for clarity keep airport security and operations staff alert to suspicious activity and people flow issues.

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