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EH20 Housing Media Converter Mount

Enclosures | Media Converter

As customers are upgrading their cameras from analog to IP or have requirements for fiber transmission. Pelco’s media converter can be mounted inside the EH20 series of enclosures.

This solution is ideally suited for applications where the existing coax cable can be leveraged for transmission of IP signals, or where fiber transmission is required. Ordered separately is the Enclosure, Camera & Lens, and Media Converter.


2 – 003954


Part number SM-EH20MBR-3954 is a bracket kit that will allow the media converter to mount to the top of the Pelco box camera.




The product produced under this Special Modification Request (SMR) does not carry any agency certifications.


Standard Product Warranty The product produced under Special Modification Request (SMR) carries the warranty of the standard product upon which this SMR product is based, with the following exceptions: SMR dark paint colors on outdoor or Custom Match products have a 3‑month warranty. Other SMR exemptions would be modifications that include any electronics or change to the thermal performance of the item have a 3‑month warranty.


Notwithstanding any applicable return policies in effect, any custom, bespoke, made-to-order products or special modification request (SMR) products are not returnable or cancellable except if damaged or defective. Quantity changes or cancellations are not permitted after the order is placed.


EH20 Housing Media Converter Mount

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