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Performance And Innovation

Scalable to accept thousands of high-definition IP cameras, the Endura IP VMS is an intelligent, yet easy-to-use approach to video security that provides greater control, enhanced operational flexibility, centralized management, cost-effective recording, and integration capabilities. Endura has been engineered to offer the quality and responsiveness of traditional analog installations with all the benefits of an IP VMS system. What’s more, Endura offers several options for existing analog matrix customers to migrate to an IP VMS system at their own pace.

Greater Control, Enhanced Operational Flexibility

Key Features

  • Ability to support thousands of analog and IP cameras
  • Ideal for attended surveillance (keyboard, virtual matrix)
  • Unlimited user profiles to serve multiple stakeholders
  • Redundancy for mission-critical reliability
  • Broad integration to other building and security systems
  • Maximum recording bandwidth per server is 250 Mbps with 64 Mbps playback
  • Unlimited storage expansion
  • Equipped with RAID 6 recording

Importantly, the all-new VideoXpert VMS allows Endura users to maximize their investment through seamless migration when ready to grow their current installation.

Product Types

NSM5300 Network Video Recorder

The combination of high performance, scalable hardware design and advanced software capabilities enables the NSM5300 to meet the unique storage needs of physical security and video surveillance applications.

Product Features

  • Recording Throughput up to 400 Mbps Meets Demanding Performance Requirements for Write-Intensive Applications
  • Hardware Designed to Eliminate Single Points of Failure, Including Redundant Fans, Power Supplies, and RAID 6 Storage for Optimum Reliability
  • Pooled Storage Management Provides Automatic Distributed Load Balancing and Active Active Failover Within a Storage Pool to Ensure Continued Recording if Catastrophic Failure Occurs
  • Hot Standby Failover Provides Redundancy in Installations Where Storage Pooling Cannot Be Utilized.
  • Multicast Recording Support Allows for Recording of Multicast Data Streams for Restricted Bandwidth Scenarios
  • Redundant Recording Ensures Duplication of Vital Data for Mission-Critical Applications
  • Built-in EnduraStor™ Storage Management Increases Storage Efficiency by Pruning Recorded Streams Based on Age and Priority
  • Ability to Serve 32 Simultaneous Playback Streams Per Storage Pool
  • Performance Levels Maintained in Normal and RAID Error Conditions
  • Built-in Diagnostic Monitoring Provides Preventative Maintenance and SNMP Monitoring
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership and Increased Energy Efficiency Through Consolidation of Multiple Hardware Components into a Fully Integrated Chassis
  • VideoXpert Ready. Migrate to VideoXpert, bringing your products forward into a next generation VMS

Perfect Accessories

Hardware Built for Performance, Reliability, and Scalability

UDI5000-CAM Universal Device Interface

The UDI5000-CAM universal device interface is designed to allow third-party IP cameras to easily and transparently interface to the Endura system, providing an efficient way to normalize disparate drivers and protocols into a cohesive set that is compatible with Endura and the rest of Pelco’s IP video surveillance portfolio.


  • UDI5000-CAM ONVIF Profile S Compliant
  • Concurrently Runs Disparate Drivers in Support of MPEG4 or H.264 Compliant Third-Party IP Cameras
  • Handles Command and Control Translations Between Endura® and Each Third-Party IP Camera in Support of PTZ Protocols
  • Accommodates Cameras Supporting RTP, RTSP, TCP, HTTP Polling, and Several Custom Transmission Protocols
  • Normalizes Camera Stream Parameters to Support Endura’s Scalable, Real-Time Monitoring and Recording Capabilities
  • Small, Independently Configured Servers Can Accommodate Up to 16 Standard Resolution Streams or Megapixel Streams (Depending on Camera, Vendor, and Bandwidth)
  • No Additional Camera Connection Licenses Required

KBD5000 Keyboard

Desktop keyboard with control pods for full switching and configuration capabilities, plus joystick control of PTZ functions and jog/shuttle playback control.


  • Controls Located on 3 Modules in the Keyboard
  • Modules Can Be Rotated to Suit User Preference
  • 1 Keyboard Can Control All System Cameras Through a VCD5202 Interface
  • Built-in USB Hub for Connection of Export Devices
  • Variable Speed, Vector-Solving Joystick for Precise Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Control
  • Jog/Shuttle for Playback Control and Menu Navigation
  • Keypad Call-Up of Cameras, Presets, and Patterns
  • Built-in Speaker

Endura System Family

Hardware Built for Performance, Reliability, and Scalability

SM5200 System Manager

The SM5200 is a network appliance that serves as the system management component of the Endura system. The SM5200 manages the discovery and registration of all Endura components and cameras on the network.

Workstation WS5080

The Endura Workstation WS5080 is a high-end personal computer running Windows Vista® Business edition that is optimized for the WS5000 advanced system management software. The Endura workstation can simultaneously decode and display up to 16 HD, full frame-rate video streams. The Endura workstation includes the WS5200 software package.


The WS5200 Advanced System Management Software provides access to all operation and configuration features of the Endura system in a unified, intuitive, graphical user interface. The interface has been optimized for the demanding needs of surveillance professionals and utilizes drag-and-drop operations, shortcut menus, built-in tooltips, and online Help to enable the most direct, intuitive interactions with cameras and components distributed across the network.

VCD5202 Video Console Display

The VCD5202 video console display (VCD) delivers virtual matrix functionality for surveillance operators. The VCD5202 uniquely addresses the requirements of real-time surveillance installations while balancing the complexity introduced by today's IP and megapixel cameras. Each VCD5202 decodes up to 32 streams, manages elaborate video walls, and provides for CCTV-style keyboard control and management functionality.

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