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Smarter Video Storage, Reduced Surveillance Costs

Smart Compression Technology by Pelco lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 70% while retaining image quality and critical information for forensic purposes.

  • Reduces required storage
  • Maintains the same resolution
  • Available at no additional cost in new products or as a firmware upgrade to existing products

Experience The Evolution

From panoramic to fixed IP cameras, Pelco’s smart compression solution is a constantly evolving technology that dynamically enhances your video surveillance experience. This benefit is optimized for seamless integration with Pelco’s VideoXpert video management systems.However, we can also help you add this feature to leading third-party VMS platforms.

How Does It Work?

Pelco’s Smart Compression Technology dynamically analyzes real-time motion in live video streams to intelligently compress the information you don’t need​.By enabling a dynamic group of pictures (GOP), Pelco’s technology automatically reduces the number of I‑frames in scenes with low motion while retaining high quality details in relevant traffic areas.Benefits of this approach include reducing bandwidth and storage requirements, as well as extending the recording duration.

Product Offerings

Featured Technologies

Many Pelco IP cameras carry the IK 10 rating, which means they have been tested to assure protection against severe impact.A few of our vandal-resistant cameras are highlighted below. Pelco high security cameras carry an IK10++ rating that can withstand an impact of up to 50 Joules.

Fixed IP Wedge Cameras

Sarix IWP

Tough & Compact Fixed IP Cameras

High Security Corner Mount Camera

Sarix IBD Series

A high security corner mounted camera is intended for comprehensive coverage of small/medium size spaces where there is threat of vandalism or self-harm.

Use Cases

Bright Lights High Stakes

Casinos around the world need intelligent IP video security solutions to help decrease fraud, control liability issues, comply with regulations, and ensure customer safety expectations are met. From the flashing lights of slot machines to low lights in parking areas, extreme lighting conditions require video cameras designed to adapt automatically. Pelco cameras allow you to stay compliant with industry regulations while protecting your employees, customers, cash and property.

High Risk Areas Stay Protected

For areas where people and property are at high risk, making sure video surveillance is uninterrupted can save lives. Retail stores, campuses, and other high risk areas benefit from vandal-resistant cameras that are designed to withstand direct blows to their housings and lens covers without breaking and without interrupting the video. When an attempt is made to obscure the camera’s view, like spray painting, covering or moving the camera, the camera tamper detection analytics send an alarm to security.

Traffic Monitoring

Keeping traffic flowing 24/7/365 requires cameras that can adapt to all lighting conditions. Traffic managers need to be able to monitor vehicles and pedestrians through bright sunlight, glare, low lights, shade, and darkness. Having clear, crisp images in all lighting conditions in order to respond to traffic flow challenges, accidents, and weather-related issues is essential. Pelco cameras also feature video analytics that alert operators of accidents and hazardous conditions to ensure rapid responses.

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