Advanced Analytics Suite

Advanced Analytics Suite

Cutting-edge analytics technology to improve detection and reduce response times


Innovative Analytics Powered by Deep Learning Technology

Pelco Advanced Analytics Suite is our most cutting-edge technology, leveraging algorithms powered by deep learning technology coupled with intelligence at the core. Embedded in select Pelco camera models, Advanced Analytics improves threat detection allowing Pelco customers to quickly focus on situations needing immediate attention for faster response times.

Key Features

  • Analytics technology embedded in select Pelco cameras featuring object detection engine powered by deep learning
  • Stream and record analytic metadata from camera to VideoXpert™ video management system
  • License and configure through VideoXpert’s VxToolbox
  • People and vehicle object detection
  • Object in-zone and counterflow behaviors

    Deep learning technology is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. This technology labels and classifies large amounts of information, identifying patterns. It then uses that information to make decisions. Pelco Advanced Analytics uses an object detection engine that is powered by deep learning technology. This engine categorizes objects (e.g., people, vehicles)and sets up “behaviors”, the rules of how these objects interact within a user designated area, known as a zone.

    Solve Your Challenges with Advanced Analytics

    Improve Threat Detection

    Advanced Analytics’ ability to easily categorize objects in a scene results in improved detection of actual threats versus false alarms.

    Optimize Response Times

    Integration between Pelco cameras embedded with Advanced Analytics and our VideoXpert video management system provides responders with visual cues and notifications to allow them to respond before situations escalate into serious incidents.

    Save Configuration Time

    Traditional analytics require a high level of expertise and a fair amount of fine tuning to work correctly. With Advanced Analytics, achieve superior results without significant software adjustments and configuration.

    Reduce Human Error

    No matter how diligent a video operator monitors video feeds, fatigue takes its toll and potential threat may be missed. With Advanced Analytics threats are automatically detected, allowing you to improve video operator efficiency and reduce human error.

    How Does It Work?

    It Starts with the Camera

    It all starts with the camera’s ability to easily categorize objects within a scene. While, traditional analytics solutions only trigger on moving objects, Advanced Analytics detects objects both stationary and in motion.

    Easy Configuration in VxToolBox

    Easily recognize and configure Advanced Analytics cameras all within a single VxToolBox application. First, acquire and apply licenses within VxToolBox, then configure objects and behaviors. With the confidence filter feature users can further fine tune detection to customize the analytics engine's object detection accuracy threshold.

    Streamed into VideoXpert

    From the camera, the footage is streamed into the VideoXpert video management system on two separate streams – a video stream and a separate analytic metadata stream. Once the metadata and video streams are in VideoXpert, the VideoXpert system overlays designated zones and object indicators to provide operators with visual cues. Additionally, footage integrates with VideoXpert’s event system to provide event notifications when objects are detected.

    Product Offerings

    Pelco’s Sarix®Enhanced and Spectra®Enhanced cameras are embedded with our Advanced Analytics Suite and are required to utilize this solution. The VideoXpert video management system is also required to configure the solution, view visual overlays, and receive notifications.

    Our Sarix Enhanced 3 cameras are designed to handle a broad range of lighting conditions and to quickly, accurately, and reliably extract actionable security analytics via our Advanced Analytics Suite powered by deep learning.

    High-speed dome system with best-in-class color reproduction capturing critical details in fast moving scenes and challenging lighting conditions. Direct drive technologies and deep learning analytics improve accuracy and minimize operator's response time.

    Pelco’s industry-leading VideoXpert video management system is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that enables security professionals to see the information needed to make fast, effective decisions that drive their business forward.


    A license is required for each camera. Download the latest license  – CLAA1-DLP – through VxToolbox or via a quote. Talk to your local sales representative or go to Quote Assist to configure your system.

    Use Cases

    Advanced Analytics Suite provides data that can be leveraged to proactively monitor the flow of traffic and automate tasks and alerts for better incident management. Categorize vehicle and pedestrians and capture data such as the total number of vehicles or pedestrians traversing a defined area, and the number traveling in each direction.

    Create an urban environment that ensures the safety and security of its residents with Advanced Analytics Suite. The solution’s ability to categorize objects and detect behaviors provides operators with visual cues and notifications that not only help video operators operate more efficiently, but also reduces response times before events escalate into serious incidents.

    Anticipate and proactively respond to queues, crowd patterns, and foot traffic that flows through shopping centers and other commercial spaces. With Advanced Analytics and our VideoXpert video management system, operators can manage queue length and receive alerts on crowd flow.

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