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Achieve Superior image quality

Protect your communities with Pelco’s Sarix Multi Pro camera, offering multi-directional coverage from a single vantage point. This flexible video security solution is easy-to-install and delivers high-resolution images across all lighting conditions.

Flexible configurations for wide area coverage

Provides multiple areas of coverage from a single vantage point, requiring fewer cameras

Lower overall deployment costs

Save on installation time and costs with a single mounting point, cable, and VMS license

Adaptive IR technology option

Provides security detail in total darkness even as objects approach the camera

Sarix Multi Pro In-Ceiling Mount — Indoor

  • Sleek, low-profile design that blends in with any interior aesthetics
  • Is ONVIF® compliant, allowing for easy integrations with any VMS brand

Sarix Multi Pro Surface Mount — Outdoor

  • True wide dynamic range provides increased visibility in bright and dark areas
  • Flexible configurations for wide-area coverage of up to 360 degrees, for full situational awareness

Sarix Multi Pro Pendant Pole Or Wall Mount — Outdoor

  • Adaptive IR technology extracts security detail in scenes with zero light
  • Designed to withstand tough conditions with IK10 rating for vandal resistance and IP66/67 rating for water resistance

Product Range

Sleek, Low Profile Design
Flexible Configurations for Wide Area Coverage
Pelco Smart Compression Technology
Vandal and Water-Resistant
ONVIF Conformant
True Wide Dynamic Range
SureVision Technology
Peace of Mind
Adaptive IR Technology Option
Motion Detection
Camera Sabotage

Sarix Multi Pro in the wild


Prevent bullying from occurring by installing a Sarix Multi Pro camera to achieve wide area coverage of school grounds where students spend during breaks.


Airports have multiple check-in counters and busy waiting areas that need to be monitored. The camera’s quick installation process and ability to capture multiple directions saves time and costs.

City security

Monitor multiple directions of traffic with a Sarix Multi Pro, providing multi-directional coverage from a single vantage point while achieving superior image quality.

Have questions? We can help

Our video security experts can help you implement the right security system for your business.