PTZ - Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras

Enterprise Video Systems And Security Cameras For Large Cities

Clarity & Consistency

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras make it possible to monitor large areas with a single camera, offering both wide and close-up views for the details required. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications to work in all lighting and weather conditions.

Wide Area Coverage

Never miss a moment with 360-degree views and wide tilt range.

Integrated IR Illumination

See up to 200m in the dark with integrated IR illumination.

Low Latency

Track objects easily with low latency, smooth pan, tilt and zoom controls.

Pelco Camera Line Overview

Spectra® Enhanced IR Look Up 7 Series

Providing wide area coverage and long range details in all lighting conditions to easily detect,monitor and track critical events in large areas.

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Spectra® Enhanced 7 Series

Offering fast and accurate pan and tilt, long-range optical zoom, up to 4K video for safeguarding large sites and extracting actionable security information quickly and reliably.

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Esprit® Enhanced 1 Series

Built with high-definition positioning capabilities and outstanding weather protection for mission-critical situations where expansive coverage is required to deter intrusion.

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Spectra® Professional IR & 4K Series

Illuminate areas of interest above the horizon in poorly lit situations with a rugged outdoor camera that offers high-resolution zoom and exceptional image quality.

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Spectra® Professional 2 Series

A cost-effective, high definition IP dome positioning system built with 360-degree automated coverage and smooth pan, tilt, and zoom controls to cover everyday security needs.

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Quick Reference Guide

Pelco’s PTZ camera line offers large area monitoring of both indoor and outdoor applications with a single camera.

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